Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Preserving the status quo

I am refering to the Budget Speech 2010.

There is nothing in it that brings real benefits to majority Sporeans.

No minimum wage.
No foreign worker quota.

End of day how will Sporean workers benefit? especially since there is no genuine unions to fight for Sporean workers' rights. And the raised foreign worker levy does not address the fact that businesses and employers have the wonderful "flexibility" to pass the cost onwards by further depressing wages, LOL.

With the help of the 154th running dog media, the public will get the sense that PAP garment is doing something, when really there is nothing of substance at all.


Thursday, February 18, 2010

Temasick... it's not funny though


Feb 18, 2010
Adviser to Temasek chief
Role is a more active one than was first thought; he will help in 'leadership development and talent management'

THE former chief executive officer of the Singapore Exchange (SGX), Mr Hsieh Fu Hua, has been appointed as 'special adviser' to Temasek Holdings' CEO Ho Ching.

This follows news of his appointment to the Temasek board earlier this month.The announcement yesterday shows that Mr Hsieh, a non-executive director, will be taking on a more active role at the Singapore investment agency than was first thought.

Temasek said yesterday that his remit would involve supporting management 'in leadership development and talent management'.

What's the point??
"Someone" should just fucking resign for good.