Saturday, June 28, 2008

Non-PAP supporters are mad!

The recent outburst from LKY is quite amazing. He warned that a freak result could happen if voters became bored and decided to give the “vociferous opposition” a chance — out of “light-heartedness, fickleness or sheer madness”.

WTF sia! First he call Chee Soon Juan a psychopath, now anyone who does not vote PAP is doing it our of sheer madness!

I am reminded of my recent chat with a non-opposition supporter recently... the mentality is the same, if you are not with us, you must be against us. These non-opposition supporters are almost like terrorists! They exhibit such extremism, intolerance, anger and hate. Who needs Mas Selamat when Spore is already filled with these fanatics? Hahahaha

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Death of a slave

My heart goes out to Recruit Cheah and his loved ones. Just 5 days into NS enlistment he is dead.

Meanwhile the SAF busy themselves with investigations and causes of death. The outcome will always be the same. Rules were followed, no one is at fault, blah blah blah. "Let's move on!" Soon like many before him Recruit Cheah will be forgotten. He did not even get as much as a page mention in the papers, so unlike the officer trainee who died in Brunei.

Slaves are expendable. They cannot blame anyone except themselves because they are born into it.

The SAF may give the OCT a grand send-off. But i reserve my solemn salute only for Recruit Cheah and the many lowly ranks like him. At their most vulnerable moment, the system failed them and their loved ones.



其实这只是个骗人的故事。这种鸟其实哪里也没有去过, 因为一开始它就已经死了

Rest now my fellow recruit. Peace and freedom is yours.