Monday, March 31, 2008

What cabinet change?

I find the ST report not reader-friendly, and frankly i doubt if people will care. For my own info i done up something simple below so that i can see the whole thing at a glance.

cabinet 1

I put them in 2 main columns, the left column are full ministers while the right columns are minister of state. Those names that are in colour means they have double portfolios. E.g. Raymond limp is minister of transport but he is also 2nd minister in Foreign Affairs.

3 ministries have no minister of state - Health, Manpower, and Environment. Whether those guys are that efficient that they don't need any help i dunno (or it could mean the other ministries are bloated hehehe). But i think this 3 ministries should play bigger roles as we are at the brink of an energy, climate crisis and peak population jam. The ministers in charge are also light weight with no worthy results to their credentials. Khaw was praised by GCT last night. But Khaw is responsible for rising healthcare costs and soon means testing will come in.

The other most glaring "ministry" is the PMO. Little Lee has 2 full ministers and one minister of state under him. Of cos on top of him there is the MM and SM, also without stated porfolios. Seriously looks like some kind of retirement home for cmi ministers and minister of state hahaha! But is not so funny when i think of the millions they are drawing in salaries.. WTF!

MITA is another dinosaur ministry. That one-eye Lee is still there even though he said after last election he will retire. Now he has Lui Tuck Yew, the 'i never watch porno' ex-Navy chief, with him. I think the media sector is just going to get more and more un-free and controlled under these kukus. After the Malaysian Election tsunami i'm sure the PAP will also want to find ways to fix the internet before Spore's own next election.

Sadly the Mas Selemat man, Mr WKS, is still around. But he has a new assistant, Shanmugam. Shanmugam is a lawyer, he will help WKS to answer questions and prevent self-pawn. He might even sue you if you tell him "sorrie also must explain" hahaha!

Right at the bottom, Jayakumar is said to be on the way out. He is now a "coordinating" minister without a ministry. But seriously he wont go one lor and will just hang around a while more and continue to draw his millions salary. Knn might as well dump him with the jiak liao bees in PMO! But that will be kind of obvious LOL.

So in total we have 20 ministers and 11 ministers of state. Wah lan eh!!! So many for fuck!? Play musical chair ah? Knn a kampong standard team need so many players one meh? Even Chelsea or Man Utd dun have such a big squad! SGians seriously short changed sia...

Thursday, March 27, 2008

We made the 2003 arrest?

One month after the famous "Toilet Break", there is still no sign of the limping tellolis, and the poodles are nowhere close to even sniffing his trail.

Being able to escape is already
unimaginable. But failing to capture him after one long month of unprecedented island wide security dragnet is simply unforgivable!

Today something in the front page of ST caught my eye. It is a blurb from the man responsible for the worst security blunder in our nation's history.

"The best available information from our own sources and from our foreign security and intelligence partners suggests that Mas Selemat is still hiding in Singapore. These partners are the same entities which helped us arrest him when he was hiding abroad in 2003."

- Deputy PM Wong Kan Seng

I think Mr Wong has to be corrected here.

Mas Selemat was caught by the Indonesians, and then handed over to us. We did not catch or arrest him in 2003. The Indonesians did, not us. We certainly did not fly over to Indonesia to catch him. To somehow twist the sentence to make it sound like we made the 2003 arrest is completely misleading.. and rather shameless.

Indeed the Indonesians have just said that if this time Mas Selemat is caught, he will not be handed over to S'pore. Of course Mr Wong did not respond to that statement, and our compliant media did not ask him. LOL ~

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

The missing van

It's been a week and the JI dude is still at large. And the much vaunted security forces and their foreign talents (Gurkhas) have nothing to show for their unprecedented effort.

There was a report of a stolen vehicle, a SingPost van stolen on the day of the escape several hours before Mas Selemat's breakout on 27 Feb at 4:05pm (heck! is the breakout time even accurate?). The report said that the police were not ruling it out as a possible lead in the Mas Selamat investigation.

I posted in Yawningbread's blog...

I think now the gahmen needs to search for 2 things:

1. Mas Selemat
2. the missing SingPost van

Are the two events related?
If they are not how come until now they cannot locate the van?

The longer they cannot locate van, the more likelihood the 2 are connected.

Even if the 2 incidents are not related. If up till now they cannot even locate a missing van, what are the chances of locating a supposedly highly-trained fugitive on the run??

We know the authorities have already failed miserably on their detention competence. But now the missing van can be used as a benchmark to assess their search and locate competence. And that is already setting the benchmark very low liao hahaha!

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Dangerous man in S'pore

I was reading Mr Wang's blog where he urges all bloggers out there to post on their blogs the now famous face of JI terrorist Mas Selamat Kastari.

While i think that is a good idea, but by now the whole of S'pore and probably most of the rest of the world will already know how Mas looks like. The telcos even spammed S'poreans' mobile phones in the process, and the 148th media (as usual) made a big "positive" deal and spin out of it.

So I am not going to post Mas's face on my blog. Instead i will post the face of the real superstar of this national comedy. He is none other than....

Ta dah! There you go!

In my opinion this shorty is more dangerous than Mas. Becos he is the one who has already done damage to S'pore and S'poreans, while Mas is still planning his. From bullying SDP to harassing peaceful protesters, he has done it all. And now S'pore's reputation is tarnished yet again under his watch. The chance of him resigning? I think i have better chance striking one million toto than that happening hahaha!