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PAP come out same pattern again!!

Wah lan eh, PAP chut pattern liao! Old Lee and little Lee want to sue SDP wor.. for simi defamation bullshit! I want to go buy the SDP newsletter and read leh.. see what is so scandalous that make father and son so hot under the collar. But someone posted on the internet liao, so i fast fast copy and paste here for keepsake hehehe.

Govt’s role in the NKF scandal

Ministers went out their way to defend NKF even as people were unhappy over the organisation’s operations

In all the hand-wringing and breast-beating by the Government over the NKF issue, Singaporeans must not lose sight of one thing: Such a scandal is inevitable given the kind of secretive and non-accountable system, bred by the PAP.

The Government now tries to exonerate itself by playing the innocent and gullible party duped by greedy NKF officials.

It forgets that in April 2004, Minister Khaw Boon Wan had, in reaction to public unease about the NKF, sought to appease Singaporeans by telling them that the Ministry of Finance “would have reacted many years ago” if there was any breach of rules by the NKF. (See Channel News Asia report on right.)

At the same time the Second Minister for Finance, Mr Lim Hng Kiang, said that the NKF had “quite a sound record” because it spends “ore than 80 percent of its funds on its beneficiaries” (See Straits Times report on right) whom we now know are not kidney patients.

Clearly, alarm bells were raised. People could see that something was wrong and they had expressed their unhappiness over the years.

And yet, the Government which had the power to do something, chose not to.

Not only did it choose not to rein in NKF but it also continued to praise the charity and encouraged people to donate to it.

With assurances from not one but two Ministers, the charity went on its merry way.

The question that is on everyone’s lips is: If Mr TT Durai had not taken out the legal suit, would the Government have bothered to look into the NKF records? NKF would in all likelihood have continued to operate with the Government’s blessings.

The NKF fiasco is not about bad practices. It is not even about negligence on the Government’s part.

It is about greed and power.

It is about the idea that the political elite must be paid top dollar, no matter how obscene those amounts are and regardless of who suffers as a result of it.

It is about a system engineered over the decades by the PAP that ensures that it and only it has access to public information and by fiat decides what is allowed and what is not.

It is about what a “democratic society, based on justice and equality” should not be.

Singaporeans must note that the NKF is not an aberration of the PAP system. It is, instead, a product of it.

To ensure that there is transparency and that Singaporeans are kept informed of matters directly affecting them and their future, the Government must:

One, disclose the breakdown of the cost of building HDB flats and the profits HDB makes.

Two, reveal where and how GIC uses our savings.

Three, disclose the salaries of the top executives of Temasek Holdings and other GLCs.

Four, declare the assets and incomes of its Ministers.

Five, reform the election system to ensure that it is free and fair.

It goes without saying that someone must be held accountable over the sordid NKF affair. However, real accountability starts much higher up.

The second contentious article in the newsletter.

If you think the running of NKF was bad, read this...

It is impossible not to notice the striking resemblance between how the NKF operated and how the PAP runs Singapore. It would take someone foolishly blind not to be concerned with how our financial reserves and CPF savings are dealt with. Here are the similarities.

Mind Boggling salaries

Mr Durai was paid $50,000 a month. He charged an average of almost $33,000 a month to his corporate credit card.

He was paid overtime and given backdated salary increments. His leave that was not taken were converted to cash.

And yet, Mrs Goh Chok Tong, in all her wisdom, brushed these aside and defended Mr Durai saying that his salary of $600,000 is “peanuts”.

Compare this to what her husband, Mr Goh, said when the prime minister wanted to pay himself $160,000 a month and the ministers $120,000 a month: “You pay peanuts, you get monkeys.”

Peanuts seem to be a rather popular plant in PAP circles.

Mr Durai had apparently forgotten that his job was to help people stricken with kidney disease, not to enrich himself.

If he wanted to earn the kind of salaries that corporate managers earned he should join a business enterprise whose mission is to maximize profit, not a charitable organization like the NKF whose mission is to provide medical assistance to those who unfortunate enough to need it.

Again, how is this different from the ministers who claim that without the high salaries, they would not have the incentive to serve in the cabinet?

The simple answer is: There will be others who are no less capable, and even more dedicated, willing to serve this country.

Like Mr Durai, the ministers cannot claim that they deserve to get the mind-boggling salaries because of the work they do, especially when their performances have been questionable given the hardships that Singaporeans continue to have to face in today’s high cost Singapore.

Lack of transparency

Right up till Mr Durai’s ill-fated court room appearance, few people knew about the shenanigans that were going on within NKF.

Everything was shrouded in secrecy until the jaw-dropping revelations recorded in the KPMG audit.

How does this compare to the PAP? The Government of Singapore Investment Corporation (GIC) is a business entity set up, and chaired by Mr Lee Kuan Yew to manage and invest our national reserves.

Incredibly, the GIC will not give an account of its investments (how and where our money is invested, and the profit/losses they record) to the people. Even Parliament is not privy to the information. The GIC operates in secrecy.

The HDB is no better. It continues to stonewall longstanding questions about the actual cost of building the flats and the profits it makes when it sells these flats to the people.

What about the CPF? Many Singaporeans are still concerned that the Fund is broke and that is the reason why the Government comes up with all these schemes to retain our CPF savings even when we retire.

Defamation suits

Singaporeans have know this for a long time but it needed the NKF scandal to drive home the point: The use, or rather abuse, of defamation laws in this country has led to a situation where wrong-doings cannot be exposed.

Two Singaporeans, Mr Archie Ong and Ms Tan Kiat Noi, had raised the alarm on the abuses of NKF funds, accusing NKF officials of paying themselves obscenely high salaries and bonuses, and flying first class on business trips.

Mr TT Durai promptly smacked them with lawsuits.

Unable to fight the huge sums of money involved in a defamation suit, Mr Ong and Ms Tan capitulated and settled the case out-of-court, both having to pay damages and costs amounting to tens of thousands of dollars. This happened in 1997 and 1998.

This had the effect of silencing all critics of NKF.

It wasn’t until 2005 that Mr TT Durai decided to sue the Straits Times for making similar accusations against the NKF.

The difference was that this time, the Straits Times had deeper pockets than the NKF and could contest the suit all the way.

The truth spilled out and we now know that NKF officials had not only flown first class and paid themselves bonuses of up to 14 months, (not to mention Mr Durai’s $600,000 slalary) but had also installed gold-plated taps, bought a fleet of luxury cars, and took trips to Las Vegas!

In other words, Mr Ong and Ms Tan were right. The only thing they were guilty of was that they were not rich enough to fight Mr Durai in court.

Does this remind you of the PAP?

Its officials, strarting from Mr Lee Kuan Yew on down, regularly sue their political opponents.

The cases of Mr J B Jeyaretnam, Mr Tang Liang Hong, and Dr Chee Soon Juan are just a few examples.

Authoritarian control

It is obvious now that the NKF was run in an autocratic manner. The KPMG report said: “Power was centred around one man, and was exercised in an ad-hoc manner through Mr Durai and his coterie of long serving assistants.”

Is not power in Singapore centred around one party, if not one individual?

With the PAP monopolizing power and making sure that no one has the means to challenge that hold on power (by banning protests, introducing GRCs, suing political opponents, making legitimate democratic actions criminal offences, etc.) are we not witnessing the NKF but on a larger and national scale?

If there is a lesson that the NKF fiasco has taught us, it is that good governance cannot do without democratic practices which include openness, transparency and accountability.

The use of the media

It would have been impossible for the NKF to raise the kind of money they did if it weren’t for the use of MediaCorp to stage all the charity shows and using teary-eyed artistes to pull at the heart-strings of donors.

With control of the media, the PAP Government has likewise been able to present good news to the people and take credit for them (justified or not), hide the bad news, and portray the opposition in the most undesirable light possible.

Again, without a free media to expose the excesses of the Government, Singaporeans will never know what is going behind the scenes and officials like Mr Durai and the PAP will continue to use their “victorious” lawsuits as a measure of competence and absence of wrongdoing.

wah lao eh... simi defame?? Commentary only wat! Cannot comment meh? Lidat opposition might as well diam diam. All sporeans already know this anyway since last yr. The two Lee are really jialat man. Most likely is the old man's idea, whole life same pattern wont change liao.

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In the beginning, corruption...

Another champion article from Yawning bread!!! He's da man!


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Legalized Corruption

An article from last year... very true!

From: Carl Kapeland
To: Mellanie Hewlitt

Singapore Review - Legitimized Corruption Understood

In the latest developments the entire National Kidney Foundation Board of Singapore and its CEO have taken the easy route out and resigned. That's leadership for you, when things get messy, just get up and leave the mess for someone else to clean up.

But I don't think the new CEO or Board will do much cleaning up. Looks like they are replacing one bunch of rotten apples with another bunch of potentially more rotten apples. It does not address the real problem.

There are several recurrent issues here. Singapore is in this current mess because Lee's PAP Government has forgotten that not everything can be reduced to money. You cannot throw money at all your problems and expect it to magically disappear.

The material base that motivates Singapore's "leaders" is only too evident when the NKF's transit CEO (Gerald Ee) hinted that "SGD600,000/- may not be sufficient for the new replacement to take office"!!! Money is the only motivating factor and if they have elected a leader and a board who is motivated only by money, its only
a natural and unavoidable result that they will end up with an organization which has forgotten its once noble purpose and replaced it with more materialistic pursuits.

Have they (Singapore) appointed a Wolf in sheep's clothing to guard their precious flock? For positions like these in charity organizations, THE CHIEF MOTIVATING FACTOR CANNOT BE MONEY! as they are not running an investment bank.

The same applies senior public service positions and for ministerial positions. NOT EVERYTHING CAN BE REDUCED TO MONEY. But Lee's PAP Ministers have used this holistic approach to address any and all issues under the sun.

Lee and his ministers simply CANNOT RUN A COUNTRY THE SAME WAY THEY RUN A COMPANY. Why? Because a country comprises of flesh and blood and spirit. A company is merely a corporate vehicle that is often set-up for the sole purpose of reaping a monetary profit.

SINGAPORE AS A COUNTRY, IS NOT SINGAPORE INC!!!! And even if it is, its directors (and that means Lee and his million dollar cabinet) have to remain accountable to the shareholders (Singapore citizens). Singapore MINISTERS have to be transparent, and they are not especially as regards their salaries and the management of the country's reserves.

Consider this, the NKF was originally set up as a supposedly charitable organization. In form and function it appeared above board and reputable. But in actual practice it had a hidden agenda to siphon wealth from the public into state coffers. And what happens to all this money (all SGD200 million of it?) No body knows.

These same similarities in the NKF saga are reproduced on a grander scale in overall state administration in Singapore. Whether its the CPF, LTA, GLCs, Temasek etc they all relate to the the same basic issue. It goes back to the same bunch of corrupt leaders paying themselves and their cronies humongous rediculous salaries, approved
and legitimized under a set of bogus laws that they legislated in the first place.

But even before this NKF scam, transparency issues have dogged Singapore's state administration for decades and repeated requests by the World Bank, IMF, FTA and other NGOs for greater accountability and transparency have basically fallen on deaf ears.

These are basic transparency issues which plaque management of public moneys by all state entities (whether its the CPF Board, GLCs, Temasek, LTA etc). There is massive deception on a grand scale and I suspect the latest NKF debacle only surfaced due to internal friction within Singapore's "inner-circle of elite politicians." Perhaps
someone amongst Singapore's Ruling Elite wanted a bigger portion of the loot.

Think about it. Durai commenced his latest law suite on the confident assumption that it would be a "no contest" walk-over like his two previous suites. But whilst the Singapore sham courts had no problems finding in his favor in the 2 previous suites (which were taken against private individuals and a volunteer who correctly questioned his lavish spending), the latest suite was against another state bureaucracy.

And it was inevitable that the sham court found in favor of the bigger devil. So even amongst the thieves there is a power struggle over who gets a bigger piece of the loot.

So this then is justice ala Singapore styled. Who you are and who you are connected with ultimately decides the outcome of the law suite.

The material facts of the case (and legal premise) have little relevance in the kangaroo's court final assessment.

But by far the most troubling problem is that of Legitimized Corruption. You (Mellanie) have used the term "Legitimized Corruption" very accurately, but failed to elaborate on its true meaning and implications.

Legitimized Corruption means essentially that the corrupt act itself is made perfectly legal. That is why there is a possibility that the external audit on NKF may turn out nothing because Durai and his actions may have been all perfectly legitimate and authorized according to the internal constitution of the Board.

In a normal organization with bona fide controls in place, the Board would not have approved and allowed such unreasonable and lavish expenditures. However, in Singapore's setting where "anything goes" it is possible that the board were within their discretionary powers to authorize such lavish expenditures. Mind you these are
expenditures which (by any ordinary definition) would have amounted to an immoral mis-management of public moneys for unauthorized applications. But if the internal rules of conduct of NKF allowed the Board to act in this manner, it would then be an authorized and legitimate act.

So even after the process of audit has concluded it is perfectly possible for the auditors to conclude that the use of donor funds for;

a) Durai's pay of SGD600,000 and his salary of SGD1.8 million;

b) All expenses and application of donor funds used for purchase of SGD990/- god taps;

c) All expenses for first class air travel;

d) The levying of a 30% Admin Fee;

e) The hiring of personal drivers and limos.

All of the above are authorized and legitimate.

Anyway we all know that the so called "audit" of the NKF accounts is merely a publicity stunt to show case to the world that the current government and the new board is taking steps to remain accountable.

But does this make the above acts any more acceptable and morally correct. NO! Of cause not. An atrocity is still an atrocity even though it is legitimized.

One clear example is prostitution in Singapore. It is legal and the fact that it is legal does not detract one iota from the fact that it is still immoral, depraved and inhuman.

Of cause there are critics who will argue that moral values are to subjective concepts and we cannot always use these imprecise measures to define what is right or wrong. And I concede that there is some truth in this as we live in a world coloured in grey.

However, there will always remain some acts which are so blatantly wrong that they remain morally objectionable and immoral by any standard and yardstick. And the NKF scam (as well as Singapore ministerial salaries) fall within this category. It is morally wrong by any measure and this is not a grey area at all.

This same logic applies on a larger scale as regards ministerial salaries and the process that is orchestrated to "approve" such unreasonable and lavish salaries (amounting to millions of dollars per minister).

Legitimized Corruption works much like Money Laundering, but is worse. In essence Legitimized Corruption is corruption which is made legal. These perpetrators attempt to do what drug cartels and money launderers do;- basically "launder" the money (or the dishonest act) and make the final product appear nice and clean.

But senior politicians differ from your average drug lord or mafia boss in one important respect;- these ministers are much more sophisticated. They know the system (and probably designed it) and know how to manipulate and tweak the system so that they can have access to the ill-gotten gains without getting their hands dirty.

Next to them, Gordon Gecko and the God-Father look like novices and vestal virgins.

However make no mistake the underlying act itself remains wrong, dishonest and morally objectionable but is hidden under a cloak of legitimacy. Drug money (and money from dishonest trades) is still ill-gotten loot. Behind this elaborate sham are a host of corporate and state entities (GLCs, state owned entities and yes, charitable organisations) which are set-up to place a corporate veil between the
real perpetrators and the morally objectionable and dishonest transaction.

The fact that it is perfectly legitimate does not itself make it MORALLY CORRECT.

This is especially the case when you have a legislature that is totally removed (and remains out of touch) with the moral values and aspirations of the people it is supposed to serve and protect.

In fact, this kind of legitimized corruption is the worst possible kind as it means the corruption has infiltrated the most senior ranks of management (and the political leaders).

Compared to this elaborate deceit, the more obvious corruption in Indonesia are crude by comparison and far easier to identify and correct as it is acknowledged that such objectionable acts itself are WRONG and are not endorsed by the country's laws.

How do you ask a cop to catch a thief when the cop himself is a thief?

Legitimized Corruption by its very nature is more sinister and difficult to identify. For instance, a government official who accepts bribes worth $1.6 million a year is guilty of corruption. But what happens if this same official or minister receives this money as part of his "LEGITIMATE" salary.

In both cases the act itself is the same unconscionable and immoral act. But in the later case, there is no need for the official to hide his ill-gotten gains as it is
formally endorsed by an equally corrupt legislature/parliament who has a hand in the ill gotten gains.

The definition of a Parasitic Leech is as follows: "leech: a follower who hangs around a host (without benefit to the host) in hope of gain or advantage"

The kind of legitimized corruption already endorsed and prevalent in Singapore's state machinery is far worse. It is a cancerous malice which is more surreptitious and insidious.

The festering rot is not immediately apparent to an external casual observer but is eating away the core of the its host. Left unchecked, such parasites will consume a once healthy body before discarding the empty shell and relocating to another unwary host.

Legitimized Corruption is also like cancer. It is a chronic ailment which rooted itself very deeply within the host (and the state machinery). Such a chronic ailment did not occur over night but took place over decades of accumulated unchecked accesses.

Durai himself was in the NKF for over 30 years and it is no mere coincidence that
Singapore has been under the same government (and people and family) for over 30 years.

This is precisely the reason why in the US and other bona fide democracies there is a mandatory change in administration every 4-8 years. A new administration brings forth a completely new government which will was away unchecked accesses and commence things tabula rasa.

But somehow in Singapore it appears that only families starting with the Lee sirname or who are closely affiliated with this first family are the only candidates who qualify for election.

What a quaint and family friendly arrangement! Its just too bad that the average
Singaporean is excluded from this elitist inner-circle.

However, Singapore's Ruling Elite also have to be wary of the accompanying dangers of in-breeding which can occur from a small and exclusive gene pool. Cancerous deformaities can result after generations of in-breeding.

And the Cancer has many signs and symptoms. There have already been many evident tell tale signs of the internal rot and its accompanying putrid stench. However, Singaporeans in their numbed state of awareness may be mistaking the over-powering stench of decay for sweet perfume.

The entire state machinery is orchestrated to maintain this state of illusion and deception.

In the normal mechanics of an open and transparent state legislature and government, the moral values of the mans on the street is reflected (although not perfectly) in the policy formulation process.

This is not the case in Singapore and your "leaders" know it. Just challenge them to run a referendum regarding their salaries and it will be evident that 90% of the population are totally disgusted by such blatant acts of greed.

Of cause the local state owned media will somehow always paint the picture of an adoring and obedient public as part of an elaborate charade. So the truth never ever gets out.

Corruption of this scale starts form the top and slowly works its way down the ranks to pollute every senior arm of the state machinery from the Judiciary to Legislature to the Executive and especially to a docile and compliant state managed local press.

It cannot be stopped easily without external intervention.

Slowly but surely what started off as a morally unacceptable issue becomes part and parcel of "accepted norm" which is disguised behind a pile of state endorsed laws and bills.

Even the once sacred document, the Constitution, is not spared and is re-written to the whims and fancies of those they serve. How many Singaporeans are aware of the fact that the country's Constituion has been amended to allow state owned entities and GLCs easier access directly to the country's reserves?

And it also does not take a genius to work out that it is the close affiliates of the Ruling Elite who sit on the management boards of these state owned entities and GLCs.

The following is a fascinating observation. The exact size of Singapore's foreign exchange reserves and the management of those funds is designated as a STATE SECURITY FOR INTERNAL SECURITY REASONS.

Is it mere co-incidence that the conservative ball park estimate of the net worth of the Lee family is roughly equivalent to your country's reserves? (USD130-140 billion?)

What you have in Singapore are a bunch of hired mercenaries who are ripping off the very people they are supposed to look after.

Singaporeans. This is your country and your life. If you continue in this state of drugged apathy, you will cease to have any control over your own faith and destiny.

Do you really want to hand over your life to the devil?

Do you want to have a Singapore with No Singaporeans?

Its time to wake up from your state of denial and confront the harsh reality before your very eyes.

Yours faithfully
Carl Kapeland
Ohio State

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SG Blogshpere in Fear?

Election is round the corner, PAP and their gahment lackeys have publicly warned that blogging on it is outlawed. Is the Sg blogshpere in fear? Judging by this and the silence over at Yawning Bread they must have been warned.

The fear is real. Fuck the PAP!!!

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NS Men robbed in JB

This news from the TNP just once again shows how NS has made s'poreans so retarded and cannot think for themselves. 李敖 is right, S'poreans are stupid, and NS is one major contributing factor.

FOR the three friends who had completed their national service last December, it was a regular trip to Johor Baru on Saturday.

Their agenda: Shopping and seafood dinner.

It turned out be anything but.

They were robbed of more than $900 worth of valuables by a man. Apart from cash, the lost their handphones and a watch.

All this within an hour of crossing the Causeway.

Worse, it happened in broad daylight and in a crowded shopping mall.

After arriving in JB at 2pm that day, they headed for the City Square mall - a short distance from the Causeway - to check out sports gear and shorts.

They were there for barely 20 minutes when trouble came their way.

Mr Tan, who is now awaiting admission to a polytechnic, said he and his two NS buddies got off the escalator on the second floor of the mall and walked towards the shops.

A man suddenly stopped in front of them, causing Mr Tan to dodge him.

Mr Tan said: 'It was strange because he was not doing anything but just stopped purposely. So I just felt my pockets to see if my wallet and handphone were still there.'

Nothing was missing, so they moved on.

Then they stopped in front of a Watsons outlet to look over the railing at an IT fair below.

The same man they had earlier dodged reappeared.

'The man asked me for RM12 ($5). He did not look like a beggar, but we decided to just give it to him,' Mr Tan said.

He said the man was in his mid-30s to 40s and was wearing a black T-shirt and jeans.

He then demanded they hand over all their cash.

Mr Tan recounted: 'The man told me, 'Take out your wallet and quietly give it to me. If you're looking for trouble, I got a gang here... a lot of fighters. You can scream, you can shout, but I've got back-up.'

'We looked at each other, but we did not know what to do. So we gave him our wallets. We took out the money we had just changed and some Singapore dollars.'

It totalled more than $250.

But it was not over yet.

The man calmly told them to remove the SIM cards from their handphones and give him their phones, Mr Tan claimed.

They estimated that their handphones were worth about $600.

Then he allegedly threatened them again, saying: 'You can scream if you want, go ahead. But I can't promise you'll be okay after this.'

Then the man asked for Mr Tan's Seiko watch.

Mr Tan said: 'It was a cheap watch, maybe worth $80, but what would he want with it? Then he threatened us again and I thought, what the heck, money and things we can earn back, but safety is more important.'

Said software tester John Yap, 20: 'I was getting very frustrated, but we couldn't do anything. We tried looking around to signal people for help, but they passed us without looking. What if we screamed and no one bothered?'

Besides, Mr Yap could not run far because of a thigh surgery he had undergone eight months ago.


IT technician KY Ng, 20, added: 'Three of us could have held him down, sure no problem. But what happens if his gang members are around, like he said? At that time, we cared more for our lives.'

So the three gave in to the man.

After that, the man told them to return to Singapore.

The three claimed that the man threatened them again, saying that if they lodged a police report, they may not be able to return safely.

So they made their way back to the Causeway.

Said Mr Ng: 'All the while we were looking behind us. Even though we didn't see the man, who knows if there were others from his gang watching us?'

When they reached Singapore, they went to the nearest police post hoping to lodge a report.

Said Mr Tan: 'They advised us to file the report in JB because that is where the crime happened. They told us we can still lodge a report in Singapore but they would still need to contact JB police to help.'

A police spokesman confirmed that the three had approached the Bukit Panjang North NPP but did not make a report eventually.

Mr Tan said: 'We thought about it and decided not to because we don't think we'll get anything back anyway.'

Will they return to JB?

'I don't think so. We were all cautious, but we still 'kena' (got hit in Malay),' said Mr Tan.

'When you're in a foreign country, it's even more scary because you don't know where to look for help.

'Sure, I've been reading reports about people getting robbed in JB, but I didn't think it would happen to me on that Saturday. This incident is very 'suay' (unlucky in Hokkien).'

Mr Ng added: 'I won't go back there, not for a long time.'

WAHAHAHAHA!!!! So 乖乖 and so obedient! This type of sillyzens where else in the world can find?! People threaten say don't make police report then they also listen! Are they fucking idiots and retarded?! SAF has this doctrine that says engage in combat when you are assured of numerical superiority of 3 to 1 or more. Hahahaha!!! I salute these 3 'well trained' soldiers who will start their 10 yrs cycle of reservist soon. Simi lanjiao specs ops training lah, 3G army lah, IPPT lah, all for fuck?! One unarmed old jiu hu fart is enough to make three fighting fit soldiers from the Shitpore Ass Force to wet their pants and surrender! Hahaha!!!

Oh and the most retarded thing of all. The three did decide to make a police report... but in S'pore and not JB! Hahahaha!!!

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"I have always found that mercy bears richer fruits than strict justice." - Abraham Lincoln