Saturday, September 23, 2006

Jenadas and the 140th spin

“What is a democracy? Constitutions and elections do not make a democracy. Rule of law and independent institutions are also needed.”

When I saw the above caption in this morning’s Shit Times, I got curious and decided to flip flip a bit and look see. Wah lao, which writer from the 140th media so daring to write the truth and criticize the PAP gahmen, I thought...

But after spending 15 mins wading through the article by Jenadas Devan (son of Devan Nair and a hardcore PAP sycophant), I must say the 140th did not disappoint me and has once again proudly defended its 3-digit “first world” ranking hehehe.

Since I dun subscribe to ST Interactive (so cannot cut and paste, plus I am not crazy enough to type out everything) I will just quote some of the relevant passages and let my fellow recruits know the structure and flow of the article and what it tried to say.

“What is democracy? A tortoise, not a hare” is the heading. Jenadas began by laying down the general universal definition of democracy - one where there is fair and free elections held at regular intervals, where citizens’ rights are constitutionally protected and powers of gahmens circumscribed by law – and he went on to ask, “How would Britain, one of the world’s oldest democracies, fare by this definition?”

And Jenadas’s answer is “Not well.” His reasons are:

1) Britian does not have a written Constitution. However Jenadas concede that this is the case of many former British colonies including Singapore, so he is really just nitpicking.

2) Britain does not have an ironclad provision for regular elections. Jenadas argued that even though no British gahmen today can stay in office for more than 5 years without calling for fresh elections, there was a period in the past (10 years from 1935 to 1945 during WW2) that no elections were held. But Jenadas then went on to say that becoz of the war the British gahmen then was still a legitimate one bcoz of the external threat the country faced and it was a one off historical circumstances. Eh? Isn’t this like shooting one’s own foot? His logic is really confusing leh – first he claims that Britain has a poor democracy, based on the above 2 reasons, but he then more or less admitted those are lousy reasons. Hahaha, how he think one? His editor also equally blur and never spot the contradictions??

But never mind, the article still got a long way to go. Jenadas next brought up the current situation in Thailand. Based on the findings above, Jenadas decides that Thailand fares better than BritainThailand has had 16 written constitutions since 1932 and many many elections. But despite “so much practice in Constitution-making” Jenadas claims that “Thai commitment to democracy is not firm”. Becoz, “since 1932 Thailand had 18 military coups, which works out to one coup per Constitution, as compared to Britain’s no coup per zero written Constitution.”

Describing the Thai political process and its latest coup, Jenadas said that “every Thai intellectual I spoke with on the phone took the line... that the coup was a necessary evil... There were no other options to end the political impasse,” or “the military revolt was a democratic act... it is necessary to use undemocratic means to save democracy.” Really what Jenadas is trying to say is that the experienced Thai political process and numerous Constitutions are still far from perfect, and that any other means outside of the political process is to be avoided and frowned upon. Jenadas at this point appears to be steering his article towards the issue of legality and rule of law. Is Jenadas going to suggest that the rule of law (however imperfect dat law could be) should be stuck to stubbornly even if it means a continual political impasse, as in the case of Thaksin vs Democracy? That a coup, which is illegal, should never be an option used to dispose a burgeoning dictator even though not a single shot was fired and that 80% of Thais approved of the coup?

Hmm... This Jenadas quite clever and cunning hor? You see where he is going?

Anyway Jenadas now asks, “What does all this tell us of the prospect of democracy in SE Asia, including S’pore?” From here onwards depending on what kind of person the reader is, his/her reactions will come out very different.

A typical 66.6% kind of reader would most likely have been quite worn out by Jenadas’s long winded writing and decides to skip the rest of the article. He/she would leave with the impression that the Thai and British democracies are lousy ones, and conclude without further reading that the S’pore system is damn solid and free of problem. They will continue to subscribe to the 140th to get their daily fixes thinking that everything is steady bom pi pi.

But for the rest of the readers who are willing to think a little more critically (or just damn free like me hehe), further reading from this point onwards will be very frustrating. Bcoz this Jenadas starts to make no sense.

He made two points.

First, right on cue Jenadas makes the point about rule of law, that democracies must have independent institutions to enforce that rule. But what he said next failed to make much sense - “If Thailand’s political reformers had expended as much energy creating these institutions – among them an independent judiciary and police – as they did perfecting the electoral systems, the country would not be in the fix it is in today. But because it lacked such institutions, Thaksin was able to commandeer the legal process, and his opponents, unable to seek redress through the courts, felt they had no alternative but to call in the army.”

This sounded right at first, but think a little further and one will see that it is nonsense. Thaksin commandeered the legal process bcoz he managed to make those institutions no longer independent through installing his friends and cronies in them, and not bcoz those institutions are unnecessary or were not independent as Jenadas is wrongly suggesting! The Thai police and army made sure they did not take sides during the months of public protests in Bangkok. That is being independent! (Compared that to police action at Hong Lim or the CPF Building protest and you know what I mean.) However in Jenadas’s view this independence is deemed a failure in the rule of law, as he droned about “the courts, the civil service, the police... are accountable only to the law and the public interest.” Jenadas however did not elaborate what the law and public interest are. LKY talked recently of the military intervening in the event of a freak GE result (read non-PAP victory) in S'pore. And days later the coup in Thailand took place HAHAHA! Jenadas's failure to mention this is glaring.

Second point, Jenadas say “Democracy requires everyone to accept the rules of the game, to live and let live.” Jenadas is saying that the coup that led to the downfall of the majority-elected Thaksin gahmen is breaking the rules of the game. He defends his position by saying the “spirit of playing by the rules is best exemplified in Britain, where no matter who is in power, Her Majesty (or the idea of sovereignty) stays put on the throne, the game goes on, everyone lives and let lives.” However the Thai situation cannot be compared to that of Britain’s. For a start Thaksin has perverted the system and rule of law to his advantage, he has changed the rules of the game. The game is now rigged and the playing field is no longer level, unlike Britain’s. Which was why the Thai opposition boycotted the recent election and staged mass street protests. How Jenadas fail to point this out is quite telling.

“And finally,” says Jenadas, “it is important to realize that democracy is not the work of one generation but of many.” He makes the point that of the 10 Asean states today, only 4 are democracies – Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, and S’pore. “Of these Indonesia’s democracy is new and fragile, and the Philppines’ constantly on the verge of extinction. Only Malaysia and S’pore have held regular elections, without fail, since their independence.”

Here, Jenadas has failed to get his facts right. Indonesia’s democracy is not new. In fact it is as old as S’pore. Suharto’s Indonesia held regular elections which were consistently won by his party. As for Philippines, its democracy is nowhere near extinction although the rule of law there remains a problem, but the two are quite different things.

Rounding off, Jenadas lamented that “as recently as last week, numerous human rights groups would have described both countries (i.e. S’pore and Malaysia) as less democratic than Thailand... Perhaps the imperfect tortoises (Malaysia & S’pore) will get to the promised land sooner than the hares.”

No doubt Jenadas is referring to the PAP gahmen's major PR blunder and projected poor image that most international media focused on in the just concluded IMF-World Bank meeting. Jenadas in trying to defend his political paymaster but in doing so he has committed yet another contradiction. It is true that democracy takes time as evidenced by the experiences of Thailand and Britain. Yet going by Jenadas’s not-so-subtle putting down of other democracies and stout refusal to examine both S’pore and Malaysia’s situations, readers would think he is really suggesting the two are really the hares instead of tortoises! A foreigner not familiar with S'pore (and there are many of them these days) would be left quite confused.

I dunno what Jenadas is smoking, but I’m sure it isn’t legal hahaha!

The way he made sweeping statements is truly amazing. But really the most glaring shortcoming in Jenadas’s long winded writing is his failure to critically examine the system he seeks to praise. It means that his writing is far from being balanced and fair. Suddenly when it comes to S’pore he decides to switch off his thinking hat and become a PAP and gahmen mouthpiece. This is why the 140th will always remain as the 140th, it is really good at brainwashing. Read it at your own risk!

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Gone to the Dogs - Hong Lim Park

Today I am sibei tired, and this is why...

Last night I did guard duty and only booked out this morning. Damn shag so just want to go home and sleep. But when I reached home Derek called me say want to go eat breakfast or not? Think think also can lah, so i quickly change and go meet him at Hong Lim hawker centre. There the food is sibei tok kong one.

But when I reach there hor, wah i see like got crowd gathered at Speakers Corner leh. This lan cheow place created by the wayang gahmen is usually like fucking ghost town lidat, how come today so happening?? So i go look see look see lah...

CCB recently in camp kena a lot of sai kang so very busy no time read newspapers... 原来 hor today Singapore Democratic Party is holding a rally and protest there. Can see Dr Chee giving speech some more. Wow! So exciting!

But as I approached the area i can see many police hanging around. They walked in pairs and were going around telling the people gathered to disperse or go home. The uncle in front of me was approached and not happy and said back "thank you for your advice, I want to walk around in the park cannot meh?!" Haha the mata diam diam and walked away liao. I sms Derek he also never reply... I think he humji kia see police only balls shrink liao, must have played me out... KNN so typical of Sporeans!

All over the place also got many plain clothes mata. They were easy to spot. For a Sat they were dressed a little too formal. Some of them got wear those earpieces or carry video cameras. They take pictures and video everything. KNN i think i sure tio liao, a yandao kia like me they sure jealous and zoom in on me one HAHAHA!!

This two here try to act casual but they are quite nervous and fidgety. The one on the left keep twitching his fingers without realising it.

Haha so funny, when I went nearer SDP was singing birthday song to LKY. Apparently today is the despot's birthday! Hahaha! Check out this supporter's shirt ~~

Anyway after a while Dr Chee and 4 others wearing T-shirts with democracy and freedom slogans decided to start their protest walk, and that's when I saw how the mata moved in on them.

The SDP did not break any law, therefore the police cannot arrest them. There was a large media presence, both local and foreign, so i think mata also a bit gan cheong. So what the police did was to break the law themselves! They forcefully formed a human circle around the group and just BLOCK the group from moving. They act blur and pretended never hear the appeals from Dr Chee and some members of the public asking them to DON'T BLOCK people from walking. Wah I must say the police behaviour is really damn disgusting. Others obviously felt the same and many were calling the police running dogs or poodle force and other names. Even when Dr Chee said he wanted to go home or this or that the poodles also refused to move. Wah lan really first world gahmen! So shamefull!!

I squeezed in and took a picture. Can see all the act blur faces? KNN got one mat poodle try to look tough hahaha! Who is he trying to scare?

Later the SDP group managed to break out into smaller groups or individuals but the poodles continue to harass each and everyone of them. Here is Dr Chee's sister being surrounded and blocked by poodle bitches at Circular road.

The SDP group was trying to make their way to Parliament House. Of course they failed. What they succeeded in attracting a lot of attention. Derek thinks that what the police did was clearly illegal (I found Derek amongst the crowd later). How can they behave the way they did? In order to please their masters they couldn't give a shit to their duties as civil servants. Instead they trample on and bully harmless and innocent S'poreans. At one stage i heard Dr Chee's sister wanted to go toilet and yet the poodles refused to let her go, so bloody ridiculous! Dr Chee himself never got out of Hong Lim park! The poodles blocked him all the way, really unbelievable.

At around 3pm lidat we ourselves buay tahan liao, sibei hungry so we left and went makan. When we left they were still stuck lidat, i wonder how long they will stay this way?

KNNBCCB wah lan i really feel sad for my country and dunno what to say. It is clear that the police is intruding into S'poreans rights and private space. Instead of protecting the citizens, they are protecting the interests of PAP gahmen and politicians. Everything that was once good in this country is now totally fucked and corrupted. Like what Derek likes to say "its gone to the dogs"... how very true.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Would you smile ...

if you are a IMF-WB delegate visiting this place??

The hypocrisy and fakeness of it all. Looks more like a prison than anything else. A bit scary even!

Uniquely Singapore... So sad isn't it?

Friday, September 08, 2006

Everyone do NS meh??

Two days ago a 36 yr old uncle wrote to the 140th to kpkb about in-camp training (ICT).

Aiya the usual things lor... why he cannot defer, very disruptive to career and work, why SAF never get back to him in time etc etc. It is good that he wrote in to the papers becoz like this that useless SAF public relations guy call simi Bend-a-dick something will have to get off his fat ass to do some paperwork and respond. Then again maybe not, this lanjiao Colonel can just ask some chao recruit NSF to write for him. Knn SAF officers really jiat liao bee one.

However before Bend-a-dick's reply can come out (Slow Ass Force you know! sure take a week at least), some stupid fucker wrote to the 140th liao. I cut-and-paste for you all to see...

Sep 8, 2006
ICTs may be inconvenient but defence is everyone's duty

I REFER to Mr Tan Thiam Huat's letter, 'NSman called up for first ICT at age 36' (ST, Sept 6).

While I agree with him that it is indeed a fiasco to be starting one's in-camp training (ICT) at such an age, I have my reservations about the other points raised.

To put it simply, everyone has a role to play in our country's defence, be it a manager high up the organisational hierarchy or a humble cleaner.

While ICTs may result in inconveniences,we have to recognise that defence is the basic foundation of a stable country, one where businesses flourish and our loved ones sleep in peace.

Lastly, while Mr Tan was surprised to receive his first ICT notification recently, I am even more surprised that he realised only now that he had military obligations to fulfil.

Ng Chun Shiong

Haizzz... no wonder Sg is going to the dogs and Foreign Trash are mistaken for talents and welcomed by the stupid gahmen. Stupid fuckers like this Ng Chun Shiong really cannot think critically. I bet he is one of those 四肢发达,头脑简单 kena tio brainwashed types.

Look what google throw up about Mr Ng? Here and here. If this is the same Ng who wrote the letter, now we know why he write the way he write and why he cannot think. This fucker is an officer in the SAF! As all recruits and anyone who has gone through NS will know, the officer breed is the henchmen of the MINDEF and gahment. After 9 months of brainwashing, otherwise known as officer training course, these fucktards come out thinking they deserve respect from the other ranks when they have earned none. Their leadership skills amount to Eye Power and NATO (No Action Talk Only) and to get things done they simply 'pull rank' and lord over the rest, and they themselves dun lead by example. But when faced with another of higher rank, suddenly they will all cower and be deferential. Even when the bigger shot is talking cock and rubbish they all also diam diam and dare not go with common sense. The SAF calls this discipline, what a fucking joke! Incidentally all scholars are mostly officers, which explains why the gahmen is full of fucktards and paper generals who expect people to respect them when they are all jiat liao bee and kena sai!

See the other part about S'pore Book of Records? Fastest time to go through a spiderweb, WAHAHAHA!!!! How fucking bo liao can this Ng be? If he likes SAF so much why don't he use the time to volunteer for extra duties and ICT? What kind of lanjiao record is this?! Oh i forgot, he is an SAF-trained officer, so of course best at wayang and think up useless stunts to make a name for himself. Pui!

Even if this Ng is someone else, I look at his letter already can see loopholes liao. He say everyone has a role to play in a country's defence. Really ah?? Foreigners got play role? PRs leh? Charbor got do NS?? Hey Mr Ng, fuck you understand! We talking about In-Camp training , so please don't try to bullshit and lump under such a general thing as defence! Knn I see rubbish on the public floor I will go pick up one u know? Can count as playing a role anot? Can replace ICT anot? I go have sex and make more babies for country can count as a role anot? My ICT can do in geylang instead of cheebye SAF camps? HAhahaa!

Then further down u say defence is basic foundation of a stable country. Knn, thats why i say you really no brain. This kind of general statement where got meaning one? You trying to bluff primary skool ginnas issit? Or are you trying to become a PAP politican? I can name you so many countries that are stable and yet they don't have NS, so what the fuck crap are you talking about? Wake up your fucking idea understand!

Actually Mr Ng, you dun say i also know why you write in.... Becoz u got hidden agenda! You jealous other people want to siam ICT mah, whereas you chao officer lan lan must serve until 45 yrs old. I bet secretly inside you very too-lan about this. But outwardly you must por lumpar SAF and put up a wayang show. Fucking bastards like you outside I see one time hoot one time!!

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Mock NDP and Ephraim Loy

Two things caught my eyes in today's Shit Times (aiya Sunday Times lah, except recruit here more honest and say it like it is hehe).

First thing,
an article titled 'It's Not Funny, says Mindef', refering to video clips on youtube that make fun of SAF and this one which I posted few months back. If you are a slow turtle like the 140th and those stupid 66.6 idiots out there and have not seen it, click my link and have a good laugh.

Go ahead click, 别客气... faster click lah.

Ok now that you have watched it, you tell me funny anot? Knn I cho kao pengz man! In fact I salute those kids in the video whereas I dun give a fuck salute to any SAF officers. Pui!!!

But hor 140th buay song wor. Dr Bernard Loo, some professor at the Institute of Defence and Strategic Studies said, "They may have no malicious intent, but they don't seem aware of the ramifications of their actions" and was quoted that the mock parade undermines a national symbol.

Simi lan jiao national sysmbol?!! The useless Prataman is national symbol meh?? More like national disgrace!!! Useless fat piece of lard take home more than $2.6million in salary to do fuck shit! Of course must mock him! Useless big fat rubber stamp is supposed to protect our reserves yet he happily unlock it for GLCs and Temasek to tap them. Somemore he got a dirty past. Do you know that this fucker worked for the Japanese Kempeitei during WW2 just like Old Lee? No wonder Old Lee so buddy buddy with him and hand him the president chair, knn all fucking traitors to Sporeans!

Ok strictly speaking the above video got nothing to do with Mindef. So actually 140th was also refering to this other lagi best clip. Go see lah.. it is actually not very funny but good effort lor, they trying to simulate how to stop an intruder procedure mah. But then Mindef buay song wor and 140th say 'other NSmen who saw the videos were even more critical of their comrades' actions' blah blah. A PAP abnn woman MP also criticised that such thing will tarnish SAF image.

Knn SAF got simi lan jiao image you tell me! Wayang image only wat! All con job bullshit one wat! Cheebye PAP woman you fucking go do NS first before you open your cheebye mouth and talk!! You wan to criticise you first get off your fat ass and run 2.4km first! Chao cheebye pui!!!!

Ok second thing,

Yes it's the cheebye kia Ephraim Loy. Actually lim pei so long never humtum this PAP bootlicker dog aka por lumpar kia liao, want to give him chance to die a peaceful death mah. But then suddenly this recruit's SAF-trained eyes very sharp zoom in on his name in the Shit Times.

AIYOOOOOO!!!!! Confirm liao lor! See the headline 'Minister George Yeo's views appear on Young PAP Member's site'. See I told you all liao, all this people who write to ST Forums and praise gahmen and PAP policies one is confirmed PAP members. Now zhun zhun tio liao lor, Ephraim Loy is a Young PAP member! Knn looks like he is escalating his por lumpar antics to a new level and even got a minister dog to come and lick lick him! Wah lan see his face really wan to make me puke up my breakfast. I think it is true, those religious people is right! There is a God, and God is damn fair. All these fuck face toads and PAP scums all one kind of lan jiao ugly face, for example like this other PAP dog here. They cannot make it in life, so the only way for them to rise is to suck cock and por PAP lumpar. Knn all got hidden agenda one!