Tuesday, May 30, 2006


This chinese saying tells the story of a peasant who wanted to hide his silver from possible burglars. So he hid the silver in a hole dug in the ground and planted a sign over the spot that says, "There isn't any silver here, 300 taels of it".

This saying came to my mind becoz I saw this article in the papers. The full article is below...

Bodies chopped – but each case is different
Judge in Aguilar case says she displayed a tortured mind

Ansley Ng

WITHIN two weeks, the trials of two killings — where both victims were strangled then chopped up to be disposed in similar fashion — came to a close, but with quite different endings.

While one was sentenced to death for the murder of a Chinese factory worker, the other, Filipino maid Guen Garlejo Aguilar, was sent to prison for 10 years for manslaughter yesterday.

Aguilar, 30, pleaded guilty to killing fellow maid Jane Parangan La Puebla on Sept 7 last year, strangling her good friend to death during a fight.

Yesterday, before he handed down the jail sentence to Aguilar, Justice VK Rajah made it a point to note — without directly referring to the case of Leong Siew Chor — that it was wrong to compare different cases of body dismemberment, "given the multitude of imponderables associated with human behaviour".

Leong was sent to the gallows on May 19 for killing and dismembering his lover and colleague Liu Hong Mei.

"No two cases of this nature are or can conceivably be symmetrical," Justice Rajah said. "It bears reiteration that the act of killing in this case occurred well before the body was dismembered."

Aguilar, the judge added, behaved "paradoxically".

While she had intended to conceal the body after the killing, her decision to plant the body parts in "two very public places … strikes one as nothing short of incoherent and incomprehensible", he said.

Aguilar's conduct after the killing was "baffling" and also showed that she had a "tortured mind".

"It would be fair to infer that her prevailing illness was in all likelihood severely exacerbated after she killed the deceased," Justice Rajah added.

The judge also noted that Aguilar could not have been able to distinguish between right and wrong due to her mental abnormality.

He also accepted State-appointed psychiatrist Dr Tommy Tan's testimony that Aguilar — a mother of two — was unlikely to re-offend, adding that the mayor in her hometown of Tagudin has pledged to provide social and counselling support when she returns to the Philippines after her release.

After the hearing, Aguilar's lawyer Shashi Nathan also said that to compare Leong's case with his client's was being "unfair".

"Every case has its own peculiarities," he said. "What the court recognised was that, clearly, there was no pre-meditation. Both girls were involved in a fight."

A Singaporean in Aguilar's situation would have received the same sentence, he said, adding that she could be released after six years for good behaviour.


Such a long article to defend and explain the court's actions. By the time I finish reading, my tea already turn cold liao. And cold tea will make your stomach sour and uncomfortable. I wonder if Leong the S'porean got do NS or not? Is he a supporter of a system that appeases foreigners at the expense of his life? Is he wondering about the double standards??

In 1994, Johannes Van Damme a Dutch citizen was hanged for drug trafficking. An uproar erupted in the West. A year later in 1995, a Filipina, Flor Contemplacion, was hanged for murder. Another uproar erupted in the Philippines. S'pore flag kena burned some more. Since then the PAP rgime has learned a lesson, don't ever hang foreigners becos S'pore will pay a price. When they hang an Australian last yr, thinking that white racist Aussies would not care since the Aussie was of Vietnamese descent, they miscalculated. S'pore international reputation took yet another beating.

The PAP regime only knows how to howlian and talk big in S'pore. They threaten and are merciless when it comes to punishing S'poreans. But when it comes to foreigners, it is a different story. From 10 feet tall, they shrink to 10 inches high. Their lum par chees all drop off. They sweat and their faces turn pale, all kan cheong with stones in their throats, blabbering incoherently about having principles and dogma. Yet they betray principles and strike deals so that foreigners' lives can be spared. Remember McCrea that Briton murderer? Fucker now want to plead insanity some more, the last I heard...

"Justice" in S'pore really depends on who you. If you are suay enough to be a S'porean Shamugam, Leong Ah Chor or Ahmad Ali while committing a crime, too bad for you loh.

Monday, May 29, 2006

Da Vinci Code again

Recently this movie like a lot of people talk about it. Most of it negative, like this letter in the papers. What is special about this one is that it attacks from a new angle..

Movie poisons art
Letter from Cyrel M

I was watching TV one night when I saw the trailer of the movie, The Da Vinci Code. And I started to imagine, what if Leonardo the artist were still alive today?

I grew up knowing that the Mona Lisa and The Last Supper were both painted by the great Italian artist Leonardo da Vinci. He was considered one of the greatest painters who ever lived and known to be of high integrity and sensitive to moral issues.

I'm still astounded and amazed by the beauty of his works but the movie's interpretation of his works have confused me. It's a waste that these masterpieces were used to create a multi-million dollar fiction which could affect modern interpretation of his art.

The book's author has splattered a permanent ink on these works of art by poisoning the minds of people about the art.

Well, that's me. And I'm not Leonardo. But what if? What would the great man feel?

Wah, talk about art liao leh! Cyrel here say that Leonardo da Vinci is a great painter known to be "of high integrity" and "sensitive to moral issues". So is Cyrel talking about Leonardo's art itself, or is he talking about Leonardo's personal character? Got difference one wor... for e.g. I may be a very tok kong musician but I can be a damn asshole and fucked up fascist who believes in bullying the poor and weak etc etc. So cannot confuse the two mah. Going down a bit Cyrel then say that the movie's interpretation confused him. But wait, I thought Cyrel said he saw the trailer of the movie only? So he got watch the movie or not? Wah lao now I am starting to doubt this Cyrel's character liao.. (Either he is sibei blur or he is very 狡猾.) In conclusion Cyrel thinks that the fiction has "posioned the minds of people about the art". Knn he is really cunning. Lim peh not an artist or arts person lah, but even I also know that art hor is something you leave to an individual's appreciation and personal taste. What you think is great art must also be great to me meh?! If I don't think so, how? You going to say my mind poisoned issit? What fuck rubbish is he implying? Art here art there, basically Cyrel is just after one thing lah, he wants to discredit the book and the movie lor. He must be one of those religious fundamentalist type.

I haven't watch the movie yet, but it is people like Cyrel M who is against the movie (or the book) & making so much noise that is making me more and more interested to go watch. I mean obviously he is very bothered and buay song about something lah, so now lim peh is curious to see what people like him is so buay song about hahaha! To find out what is it that piss them off. Btw the papers also damn cock, go and print this kind of fuck letter for what! Maybe is to make people laugh at Cyrel M whoever the cockanathan is.

Btw my friend Derek told me movie itself like so-so only, better to save $$ and watch the "friendly" version hehe. :)

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Cannot defer NS

This latest piece of news shows clearly how anal retentive Mindef is...

Top US school wants him but he can't defer NS

Teen talent's bid for deferment to pursue music studies rejected

By Maria Almenoar

ONE of the few Singaporeans ever offered a prestigious music scholarship to the Curtis Institute of Music in the United States, may have to pass up the opportunity of a lifetime.

Violinist Ike See, 17, has applied to the Ministry of Defence (Mindef) a second time to postpone his two-year national service stint and pursue his dream of being a top musician.

Said the son of a pastor and a retired teacher: 'I understand that serving my nation is important and I will do so eventually, but this is a dream and an opportunity of a lifetime.'

In an e-mail statement yesterday Mindef said: 'Mr Ike See was earlier not successful in his application for deferment. His family has recently put in an appeal and the appeal is currently under consideration.'

So far, it is understood only two other Singaporeans have attended the Curtis Institute in Philadelphia - violinists Siow Lee Chin and Kam Ning.

All students who are accepted to the school receive a scholarship which covers their tuition fees, totalling about US$28,500 (S$44,000) a year for four years.

The youngest of four children, Ike started playing the violin when he was 3 1/2 years old.

His first music performance was in kindergarten...

blah blah blah. The rest of the news is about Ike's talent and how only 44 in the whole world each year gets accepted to this prestigious insitute. I mean his is damn special lah.

And this is Mindef's reply...

What Mindef says:

SINCE December last year, Mindef has tightened its rules on national service deferment.

With the change, pre-university students who have won places in overseas universities now have to do NS first, just like everyone else.

This is to ensure equality, so all who enlist have a similar level of basic educational qualifications - A levels or a polytechnic diploma - before they do their full-time NS.

In recent years, fewer than 100 students have been granted NS deferments while they complete their university degree.

Said Mindef in an e-mail statement yesterday: 'All requests for deferment of full-time national service are considered based on the specific circumstances of each case and within the context of the fundamental principles of universality and equity that underpin our national service system.'

Really chow cheebye! This kind of standard lanjiao cut-and-paste reply really make people's blood boil. It confirms Mindef as the most clumsy, brainless and fucked up organisation in S'pore. In fact it deosn't reply at all, just put down standard policy statement nia. What kind of fucking idle jiat liao bee regulars work there man?!

What it doesn't say is that the 100 students granted deferment are those on gahmen scholarships. How come gahment scholarships so special one? KNN they big fuck issit?! All going to be future PAPaya ministers and MPs issit? So now can start white horse treatment liao?! Simi similar basic level of education bullshit excuse, chao cheebye just say it is elitism lah KNNBCCB! Btw the current defence minister Rear Admirer Teo something his son is on gahmen scholarship, recently defered his NS and flew off to USA to study liao. See?!! S'pore got this kind of fuck type minister and hor gao kan gahmen is fast fast up lorry liao!

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Benjamin says...

I saw this quote of Franklin Benjamin from another blog... damn tok kong!

"One who gives up freedom for a little security deserves neither and will lose both."