Monday, May 29, 2006

Da Vinci Code again

Recently this movie like a lot of people talk about it. Most of it negative, like this letter in the papers. What is special about this one is that it attacks from a new angle..

Movie poisons art
Letter from Cyrel M

I was watching TV one night when I saw the trailer of the movie, The Da Vinci Code. And I started to imagine, what if Leonardo the artist were still alive today?

I grew up knowing that the Mona Lisa and The Last Supper were both painted by the great Italian artist Leonardo da Vinci. He was considered one of the greatest painters who ever lived and known to be of high integrity and sensitive to moral issues.

I'm still astounded and amazed by the beauty of his works but the movie's interpretation of his works have confused me. It's a waste that these masterpieces were used to create a multi-million dollar fiction which could affect modern interpretation of his art.

The book's author has splattered a permanent ink on these works of art by poisoning the minds of people about the art.

Well, that's me. And I'm not Leonardo. But what if? What would the great man feel?

Wah, talk about art liao leh! Cyrel here say that Leonardo da Vinci is a great painter known to be "of high integrity" and "sensitive to moral issues". So is Cyrel talking about Leonardo's art itself, or is he talking about Leonardo's personal character? Got difference one wor... for e.g. I may be a very tok kong musician but I can be a damn asshole and fucked up fascist who believes in bullying the poor and weak etc etc. So cannot confuse the two mah. Going down a bit Cyrel then say that the movie's interpretation confused him. But wait, I thought Cyrel said he saw the trailer of the movie only? So he got watch the movie or not? Wah lao now I am starting to doubt this Cyrel's character liao.. (Either he is sibei blur or he is very 狡猾.) In conclusion Cyrel thinks that the fiction has "posioned the minds of people about the art". Knn he is really cunning. Lim peh not an artist or arts person lah, but even I also know that art hor is something you leave to an individual's appreciation and personal taste. What you think is great art must also be great to me meh?! If I don't think so, how? You going to say my mind poisoned issit? What fuck rubbish is he implying? Art here art there, basically Cyrel is just after one thing lah, he wants to discredit the book and the movie lor. He must be one of those religious fundamentalist type.

I haven't watch the movie yet, but it is people like Cyrel M who is against the movie (or the book) & making so much noise that is making me more and more interested to go watch. I mean obviously he is very bothered and buay song about something lah, so now lim peh is curious to see what people like him is so buay song about hahaha! To find out what is it that piss them off. Btw the papers also damn cock, go and print this kind of fuck letter for what! Maybe is to make people laugh at Cyrel M whoever the cockanathan is.

Btw my friend Derek told me movie itself like so-so only, better to save $$ and watch the "friendly" version hehe. :)

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