Thursday, May 18, 2006

Cannot defer NS

This latest piece of news shows clearly how anal retentive Mindef is...

Top US school wants him but he can't defer NS

Teen talent's bid for deferment to pursue music studies rejected

By Maria Almenoar

ONE of the few Singaporeans ever offered a prestigious music scholarship to the Curtis Institute of Music in the United States, may have to pass up the opportunity of a lifetime.

Violinist Ike See, 17, has applied to the Ministry of Defence (Mindef) a second time to postpone his two-year national service stint and pursue his dream of being a top musician.

Said the son of a pastor and a retired teacher: 'I understand that serving my nation is important and I will do so eventually, but this is a dream and an opportunity of a lifetime.'

In an e-mail statement yesterday Mindef said: 'Mr Ike See was earlier not successful in his application for deferment. His family has recently put in an appeal and the appeal is currently under consideration.'

So far, it is understood only two other Singaporeans have attended the Curtis Institute in Philadelphia - violinists Siow Lee Chin and Kam Ning.

All students who are accepted to the school receive a scholarship which covers their tuition fees, totalling about US$28,500 (S$44,000) a year for four years.

The youngest of four children, Ike started playing the violin when he was 3 1/2 years old.

His first music performance was in kindergarten...

blah blah blah. The rest of the news is about Ike's talent and how only 44 in the whole world each year gets accepted to this prestigious insitute. I mean his is damn special lah.

And this is Mindef's reply...

What Mindef says:

SINCE December last year, Mindef has tightened its rules on national service deferment.

With the change, pre-university students who have won places in overseas universities now have to do NS first, just like everyone else.

This is to ensure equality, so all who enlist have a similar level of basic educational qualifications - A levels or a polytechnic diploma - before they do their full-time NS.

In recent years, fewer than 100 students have been granted NS deferments while they complete their university degree.

Said Mindef in an e-mail statement yesterday: 'All requests for deferment of full-time national service are considered based on the specific circumstances of each case and within the context of the fundamental principles of universality and equity that underpin our national service system.'

Really chow cheebye! This kind of standard lanjiao cut-and-paste reply really make people's blood boil. It confirms Mindef as the most clumsy, brainless and fucked up organisation in S'pore. In fact it deosn't reply at all, just put down standard policy statement nia. What kind of fucking idle jiat liao bee regulars work there man?!

What it doesn't say is that the 100 students granted deferment are those on gahmen scholarships. How come gahment scholarships so special one? KNN they big fuck issit?! All going to be future PAPaya ministers and MPs issit? So now can start white horse treatment liao?! Simi similar basic level of education bullshit excuse, chao cheebye just say it is elitism lah KNNBCCB! Btw the current defence minister Rear Admirer Teo something his son is on gahmen scholarship, recently defered his NS and flew off to USA to study liao. See?!! S'pore got this kind of fuck type minister and hor gao kan gahmen is fast fast up lorry liao!


Calamity Man said...

i like your writing style. i don't usually like seeing singlish on reading articles but this one and is ok as it is all done in the spirit of the website themselves.

looking forward to see more of your updates.

Anonymous said...

No need for the crude language warning. Your post is very tame.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

this happens because of the fucker pianst who attempted to come here and perform. Anyways, is Singapore known for its musical achievements? Is it of any use that this man, if exempted from NS, gets to graduate from the top music school? Is he gonna be a minster / future leader - would you need a esteemed musician as your leader?

If the answer is NO, then please fuck off and fall in line - and serve the NS before enrolling...thank you. What makes a musician-to-be so special that he must be accorded special treatment? The rest of the average-joe also want to seek deferrment to complete studies.