Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Anyhow tap Ezlink can go Jail!!!

This morning limpeh saw a piece of news on the Shitty Times really make the blood boil. There is this front page headline “Bus, Taxi Fare Cheats Could End up in Jail”.

Wah lan eh, WTF is going on?? It says hor the cheebye PAP gahmen and parliament wan to propose amendment to the Public Transport Council Act, those who are found to have paid incorrect fares for bus and taxis will face a penalty charge. And if you fail to pay this charge – some suka suka amount they have not come up with yet – you will kena fine of $1,000 or $2,000 and even jail for 6 months!

Wah lan eh! Sibei chow cheebye right or not?! Go jail you know? Why PAP gahmen always wan to humtum the public and s’poreans one, always trying to come up with cheebye law to scare people? This type of fucked up mentality is really KNNBCCB!!

Ok cool down a bit and read some more... It says bus companies lose an estimated $9 million a year to fare cheats, and taxi company like ComfortDelGro face around 40 cases of non-paying fare a month. Orrrr, so this cheebye law is to “benefit” SBS Transit and ComfortDelGro lah!

Now how the fuck SBS come up with this $9 million figure?! Knn when they first implement the cheebye Ezlink didn’t they say one of the reason is to take care of so-call fare cheats? So how now? Still a problem means basically they are talking cock in the first place! And the most toolan thing is after EZlink come into place SBS is making chow cheebye more obscene profits than ever. And then EZlink suka suka always got error and over deduct passengers fare and then how? Some more to claim back from SBS is so troublesome and you have to spend more money to claim back. Why cheebye gahmen and parliament don’t come up with law and impose penalty on SBS leh? I can also say SBS is cheating me wat! The public can claim penalty and jail SBS or not?! Chow cheebye this gahmen really make no fuck sense!

Now they say ComfortDelGro owns 77% of S’pore’s 22,000 taxis. So its like around 16,900 taxis lah. Ok let me calculate hor. Say at one time only 50% of them are on the road, so that is 8,450 which is like very inefficient liao. So round up to 8,5000 lah. And I say these cabs only make one trip a month which is super generous and impossible also. And take their figure of 40 cases a month of non-paying fare and up it to 50 and that is still only 0.6% of cheats out of all fares. Knn that’s not even 1%!!! And let’s say if each time the fare amount is $100, again I very generous, 40 to 50 cases a month is at most how much only? $5,000 a month, $60,000 a year! Wah lan eh cheebye don’t make sense at all! For $60,000 a year taxi company want to ask gahmen and parliament to humtum passengers!? Lidat also can ah?! Fucking even more ridiculous than SBS!!!

And then Derek told me this. SBS Transit is actually ComfortDelGro.

Nabeh lan jiao fuck the gahmen chow cheebye!!! Can you all stop fucking protect your Temasek-linked Companies or not?! Already no competition still wants to protect them for fuck?!


No wonder Derek say this type of cheebye GLC monopolies can only make profit and how lian within a small island, try to go overseas all kena terok and kum lan fuck spider only. Hahahaha!!! Maybe all their overseas venture is losing money that’s why must squeeze s’poreans more and more to fund their losses.

So now you all know what kind of cheebye fuck talent sit inside GLCs and Temasek lah. PUI!!!

Saturday, September 17, 2005

1 country 2 system

What the fuck, 1 country 2 system again?

Remember that Shanmugam Murugesu who was hanged for drug trafficking? So many appeal effort including the last attempt to that useless prataman president but still kena rejected. Shanmugam lan lan was hanged on 13-May.

Now guess what will happen if you're a foreigner?! Michael McCrea, a briton angmor who was suspected to have murdered his driver and the driver's girlfriend later siam to Australia will soon kena send back S'pore to stand trial. But he will not be executed even if he is later convicted for murder which carries a MANDATORY death penalty! Becoz hor PAP gahmen agree to bargain with him. CCB murder leh!! Not one person but two leh!! KNNBCCB damn fair hor?!

So the moral here is you want to commit murder better siam to foreign country and die die must bargain and don't come back. Dun be so nice and obedient like that Ah Took, now blur blur kena death senstence liao...

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Seductions Act!

Yesterday this Derek cheebye late again. We suppose to meet at kopitiam for beer but fucker turn up almost 45 mins late! By then limpeh already finish one bottle of Carlsberg myself... knn. At first want to tekan him a bit and make him pay for two more bottles but see him like bad mood liddat, so I ask him wats the problem?

Derek got a cat and dog at home and he wanted to bring the dog along becoz later can go to nearby pet shop for grooming. But when he tried to take taxi no taxi want to fetch him becoz his dog is not in a cage. Knn no wonder lah, got some mat woman go complain in Shitty times about uncaged pet dog taking taxi becoz their religion like say dogs are dirty and they cannot touch dogs or things that come into contact with dogs. In the end boh pian he has to leave his poor dog at home and go grooming appointment another day. Derek also tell me now becoz of this mat woman’s complain got people go whack the bitch in pet forums and then say not so nice things about her race and her religion in their blogs... and then the mata sibei solid arrest two dog lovers who said this kind of not so nice things and charge them the Seductions Act. They going to kena jail and big fine liao!

Wah lan eh! Liddat also can?! I also a bit kan cheong liao... I humtum that cheebye Ephraim in my blog wait he complain to mata then will I also kena Seductions Act...?! But think think not possible lah coz that cheebye so fucking ugly who will believe anyone will want to seduce him? HAHAHAHA!!!

Anyway now Derek du-lan so whole evening kpkb. Say dunno why nowadays still got some people from the mat race and religion like dunno live in what century one, the thinking like stuck and cannot change. Our neighbours up north some of their royal people also keep pet dogs like that how? And then nowadays the pet dogs so bloody pampered where got dirty one. You got see stray dogs take taxis one meh? Knn this Derek bath his precious doggie every other day and spray dog perfume every morning some more. I think his dog more clean and smell nicer than me wearing my stinko SAF uniform. Like that how? I cannot take taxis and MRT liao lor? Ban all stinky SAF recruits and reservists from public transport issit?! Knn the matas should be watching this kind of people who make this kind of bo liao complain becoz scudly they are like fundamentalists type! Hahahaha!!!

And then hor in the first place this mat woman write and complain to newspaper the editors there also damn stupid and actually go and publish her letter. Confirm dog lovers sure not happy what! Sure will humtum back wat! But they humtum in little forums only mah, not blow big big in national newspaper leh. Like that mata also want to catch? And then this kind of small thing also need to write letter meh? KNN write also write to taxi company mah. She write to newspaper obviously trying to blow things big big. Liddat can also say she trying to raise discontent and disaffection among dog lovers and S’poreans wat. And the 147th so stupid by publishing also become a partner in crime! So both the mat woman and the 147th should also be charged under the Seductions Act!

After 2 bottles of Carlsberg Derek started to talk louder and louder until one of the satay store the mat owner also can hear us. Wah lan eh I quickly go over and say “abang relak lah, sorry if we disturb your customers ok?” The mat also very friendly (actually all of them very friendly one) say no problem lah, even want to give us some free satay to go with our beer! See, just say sorrie big problem can also become small problem and disappear, everyone still happy and no hard feelings. Knn call mata for fuck?! Knn use what Seductions Act for fuck?! Obviously trying to scare people on internet! PUI!!! No wonder Derek say elections coming and S’pore mata want to show power, white elephants also want to catch. That story must ask him to tell me another day.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

This bread sibei champion!

My friend Derek ask me to check out this website, say I sure like one.

Wah lan eh, I thought wat! The cheebye website is gay one leh! Fuck Derek man, think I gay or what?! But then I think Derek every time 好介召 one so just surf surf a bit more and read on lah... and then I tell you hor really buay pai man, this website really damn champion! Knn now I don't know whether Derek is gay or not. Fuck lah, why give a fuck right?! As long as he dun target my backside can still be my buddy.

Anyway hor must say this gay guy Alex Au who call himself Yawning Bread writes damn well man. Really no horse run. And the way he tackle issues, cut apart gahmen bullshit and lies, and analyze situations make me sibei 佩服. Some more not scare to open up with his identity. When come to this limpeh also balls shrink...

To see why his site so tok kong, for example hor he wrote about the wayang that is the presidential election... "The basic and unsolvable problem is this The PAP wants electoral legitimacy, but will not subject themselves to the electorate, for fear of " freak results". For every short-sighted step they take to guarantee results the way they want, a bit more of their legitimacy and any hope of a sustainable legacy come crumbling down. It's a conundrum that is familiar to all observers of history. The people want their say. The longer it is held back, the more blatant the machinations, the more the resistance rises. The more the resistance rises, the more insecure the ruler becomes about submitting to the people's free verdict." Wah lan! 200% zhun zhun man! Not to mention powderful language skill.

Then he sibei sharp also, here he zero in on how those cheebye PAP MPs and ministers are basically arrogant and clueless type. "...Most troubling of all, the PAP ministers and MPs didn't seem to be able to see the difference between legislating for fairness and equity and using laws to make pronouncements about morality. By this simple failure to do the most basic of jobs for a parliamentarian, you could say they are incompetent at their posts. So much for the "merit" claim..." Limpeh read liao sibei shiooook sia!

And then in his latest article he wrote about the jiat liao bee IDA and all those chow cheebye gahmen monopolies like SinkTel, SBS, SPH... "You could also remark that very often the privileged companies are government-linked companies that provide cushy sinecures for former PAP politicians. This may be too extreme a reading. There may be no intention to over-protect these companies or the ministers' friends and relatives who run them, but the civil servants who staff the regulatory watchdogs may simply be doing what civil servants the world over tend to do: watch their backs and be deferential to anyone connected to their political masters' inner circle." Again steady bom pi pi tio boh? I say Alex ah, where got extreme reading leh? KNN whole S'pore is run by famiLEE understand? Ok lah limpeh understand you have to play nice a little bit, otherwise they cheebye sue you for simi lanjiao libel and defamation until tng kor and kar chng pua. HAHAHAHA!!!

Too bad limpeh cannot write such good england, otherwise also write until swee swee and terok the cheebye PAP gahmen and ministers song song! For now I just show my one-finger reservist salute (oIo) and shout KNNBCCB every time I see those PAP scums on television.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Today this soldier wrote to TODAY...

An icon or a costly mistake?
Tuesday • September 13, 2005

THE $600-million Esplanade sprang a leak soon after it opened in October 2002 — as if to preview the act Singing in the Rain, which was brought in at great cost.

To date, it boasts only one major local production — Phua Chu Kang (PCK) the Musical — which had lots of local flavour but questionable international appeal.

Some friends try to have me understand that art cannot simply be measured in monetary terms alone.

"So what if they lost $30 million in 2004? Publicly-funded schools make 'losses' too, you know," they argue.

Basic economic principles make a case for subsidising goods that would otherwise be under-consumed.

But what happens when you subsidise a thing and there is still overcapacity? You waste money.

Before the Esplanade, Singapore had no lack of performance venues: Victoria Concert Hall, NUS Cultural Centre and Indoor Stadium, to name a few.

Admittedly, none boasted state-of-the-art acoustic systems, which were supposed to draw world-class acts from all over the globe.

It has been three years since Jose Carreras, or anyone of his prominence, visited.

It seems almost comical to me that the arts community that was promised $50 million over five years would receive a $600-million performance venue most could not afford to rent without subsidies or grants, much less fill to capacity — because, for most of us, art is a luxury we can neither afford nor understand.

Then there is the view from some that the $600 million would have provided the boost to a floundering construction sector, that would in turn help lift an economy out of a deeply mired recession.

However, haven't our leaders said that Keynesian fiscal pump-priming was not an option for Singapore due to our high propensity for imports?

To some, the Esplanade may be an icon. To me, it was an expensive mistake.

by Charles Tan Meah Yang (The writer, a Singaporean,is a full-time NS man.)

Steady lah soldier! Limpeh 200% agree with you! The fuck-ugly Ass-planet is really waste of money! And for fuck?!! So that some chee bye PAP ministers can how lian and yaya papaya say we got one more world class this and that? KNN world class JOKE understand or not?!! This is call 打肿脸皮充胖子 or in this case 打肿 lan jiao 充 tua liap! HAHAHAHA!!!

I can tell you Ass-planet and those NAC (National Ass Council, hahaha!!) people sure sibei du-lan and reply in a day or two to "counter" this thinking soldier. Face it fuckers! Whatever clever reply you are going to come up with, a mistake is a mistake! So kiss my ASS! HAHAHAHA!!!

Monday, September 12, 2005

More of Diaphram!

More pictures of Ephraim Loy the cheebye scum. This picture highlights his perfect buck tooth. HAHAHAHAHA!!!

Fucker has great potential to be a PAP grassroot RC bootlicker. In addition to the incriminating evidence in the previous post of the scum posing with prataman, here he is damn happy to be a volunteer for the IOC event, a PAP proclaimed success which the rest of the world didn't seem to notice or just doesn't give a fuck about.

Slaving away for free. Typically this is how most PAP bootlickers get a start in their career as gahmen sycophants and toadies.

This type of pooh bor kia outside limpeh du tio, see one time whack one time!

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Wat fuck name is Ephraim Loy?

Nabei CB got this bo-liao fucker go and write long-winded letter to Shitty Times complain and complain about Rockson's blog. CCB already the Shitty Times so jialat to read now go and publish this fucker's letter make my blood boil big time! At first I thought must be some hardcore Christian type lah, you know that kind damn proper go church every other day and cannot say fuck word one or else sure go to hell blah blah blah type.

Rockson's readers also damn solid, dig up the identity of this Ephraim fucker. Ephraim?? What kind of fuck cheebye name is that? KNN so pretentious and wannabe. PUI!!! And then people start to visit his blog and humtum him up down left right centre. Sibei song! This fucker quickly remove his blog archives and photos. But too late liao! For those of you who didn't manage to see his blog before the fucker take the info down, I tell you all this fucker is a si gina! From Temasek Poly, after NS now studying in MDIS. He wrote that he aspires to be a broadcast jounalist, a singer, a DJ, an actor... and best of all.... a 绝对 Superstar!!!

Can see or not? Knn really CMI, talk about a dog-fucked face!

Thanks to readers who manage to dig up photos from his blog... this cb kia got something wrong with his teeth, hahahaha!!!

And he says he writes poetry! WTF man, his writing sucks... or basically he can't write for nuts! Wah lan eh! Fucking cheebye kia is really shameless! KNN sounds like another Steven Lim sia!

Wah lan eh! Think he damn hansum?! PUI!!!! S'pore Horror indeed! Fucker really damn shameless and clueless... Fucker also fail IPPT and kena BMT recourse during his NS! Wahahaha! wat a douche bag!

CB kia confirm is a PAP running dog scum. Here he is posing next to his idol, the most useless president ever in S'pore. Not to mention this ah neh scum worked for the Japanese during WW2. KNN a running dog posing with another running dog. Dogs of the same calibre shit together! HAHAHAHA!!!

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Graffiti at AMK

A sign that some S'poreans very du-lan with PAP gahmn liao. KNN I also sibei du-lan. Cheebye every year have to waste time go reservist to play soldiers. For fuck?!! To protect Lee dynasty and his FTs? PUI understand!!!

I email Derek and he say the place in the picture is near Ang Mo Kio MRT. Steady lah! AMK some more is Baby Lee's constituency, I'm sure those RC grassroots balls-carriers will activate their toadies platoon fall in and go Operation Clean Up, HAHAHAHA!!!

Tuesday, September 06, 2005


Those of you curious to know what the KK stands for in my name, make a guess. Not difficult to figure out at all...

Give you a hint, you know lah, the thing that all recruits like to do one lah...

.... .......

So fast give up liao? KNN you all even more weak and idle than me!

KK = Keng King! Understand?!

Saturday, September 03, 2005

Fuck NS!



Applies to both NSF and Reservists. Whoever dun agree with me must be a PAP bootlicking running dog scum!

Thursday, September 01, 2005


什么是 NS 啊?

NS is National Slavery lah!
KNN liddat also dunno?!

Fuck SAF!
Fuck the cheebye minister!

I start this blog to tell you all the fuck shit about NS and how it is fucking up S'pore!