Thursday, September 08, 2005

Graffiti at AMK

A sign that some S'poreans very du-lan with PAP gahmn liao. KNN I also sibei du-lan. Cheebye every year have to waste time go reservist to play soldiers. For fuck?!! To protect Lee dynasty and his FTs? PUI understand!!!

I email Derek and he say the place in the picture is near Ang Mo Kio MRT. Steady lah! AMK some more is Baby Lee's constituency, I'm sure those RC grassroots balls-carriers will activate their toadies platoon fall in and go Operation Clean Up, HAHAHAHA!!!


Calamity Man said...

how close to the truth this is...

it's a catch 22 situation but something the government CAN do something about if they bothered to do so.

Anonymous said...

hahahaha.. Ang Mo kio..
hahaha.. damn jialiat woohh... si beh sien ah like dis..
PAP fuckers give job to outside cheebyes and we kena NS.. like Fuck la this govt~! and the best of all..
we are the backbone of the country still kena sodomised even we follow the govt rules..