Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Anyhow tap Ezlink can go Jail!!!

This morning limpeh saw a piece of news on the Shitty Times really make the blood boil. There is this front page headline “Bus, Taxi Fare Cheats Could End up in Jail”.

Wah lan eh, WTF is going on?? It says hor the cheebye PAP gahmen and parliament wan to propose amendment to the Public Transport Council Act, those who are found to have paid incorrect fares for bus and taxis will face a penalty charge. And if you fail to pay this charge – some suka suka amount they have not come up with yet – you will kena fine of $1,000 or $2,000 and even jail for 6 months!

Wah lan eh! Sibei chow cheebye right or not?! Go jail you know? Why PAP gahmen always wan to humtum the public and s’poreans one, always trying to come up with cheebye law to scare people? This type of fucked up mentality is really KNNBCCB!!

Ok cool down a bit and read some more... It says bus companies lose an estimated $9 million a year to fare cheats, and taxi company like ComfortDelGro face around 40 cases of non-paying fare a month. Orrrr, so this cheebye law is to “benefit” SBS Transit and ComfortDelGro lah!

Now how the fuck SBS come up with this $9 million figure?! Knn when they first implement the cheebye Ezlink didn’t they say one of the reason is to take care of so-call fare cheats? So how now? Still a problem means basically they are talking cock in the first place! And the most toolan thing is after EZlink come into place SBS is making chow cheebye more obscene profits than ever. And then EZlink suka suka always got error and over deduct passengers fare and then how? Some more to claim back from SBS is so troublesome and you have to spend more money to claim back. Why cheebye gahmen and parliament don’t come up with law and impose penalty on SBS leh? I can also say SBS is cheating me wat! The public can claim penalty and jail SBS or not?! Chow cheebye this gahmen really make no fuck sense!

Now they say ComfortDelGro owns 77% of S’pore’s 22,000 taxis. So its like around 16,900 taxis lah. Ok let me calculate hor. Say at one time only 50% of them are on the road, so that is 8,450 which is like very inefficient liao. So round up to 8,5000 lah. And I say these cabs only make one trip a month which is super generous and impossible also. And take their figure of 40 cases a month of non-paying fare and up it to 50 and that is still only 0.6% of cheats out of all fares. Knn that’s not even 1%!!! And let’s say if each time the fare amount is $100, again I very generous, 40 to 50 cases a month is at most how much only? $5,000 a month, $60,000 a year! Wah lan eh cheebye don’t make sense at all! For $60,000 a year taxi company want to ask gahmen and parliament to humtum passengers!? Lidat also can ah?! Fucking even more ridiculous than SBS!!!

And then Derek told me this. SBS Transit is actually ComfortDelGro.

Nabeh lan jiao fuck the gahmen chow cheebye!!! Can you all stop fucking protect your Temasek-linked Companies or not?! Already no competition still wants to protect them for fuck?!


No wonder Derek say this type of cheebye GLC monopolies can only make profit and how lian within a small island, try to go overseas all kena terok and kum lan fuck spider only. Hahahaha!!! Maybe all their overseas venture is losing money that’s why must squeeze s’poreans more and more to fund their losses.

So now you all know what kind of cheebye fuck talent sit inside GLCs and Temasek lah. PUI!!!

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