Saturday, September 17, 2005

1 country 2 system

What the fuck, 1 country 2 system again?

Remember that Shanmugam Murugesu who was hanged for drug trafficking? So many appeal effort including the last attempt to that useless prataman president but still kena rejected. Shanmugam lan lan was hanged on 13-May.

Now guess what will happen if you're a foreigner?! Michael McCrea, a briton angmor who was suspected to have murdered his driver and the driver's girlfriend later siam to Australia will soon kena send back S'pore to stand trial. But he will not be executed even if he is later convicted for murder which carries a MANDATORY death penalty! Becoz hor PAP gahmen agree to bargain with him. CCB murder leh!! Not one person but two leh!! KNNBCCB damn fair hor?!

So the moral here is you want to commit murder better siam to foreign country and die die must bargain and don't come back. Dun be so nice and obedient like that Ah Took, now blur blur kena death senstence liao...

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