Sunday, September 11, 2005

Wat fuck name is Ephraim Loy?

Nabei CB got this bo-liao fucker go and write long-winded letter to Shitty Times complain and complain about Rockson's blog. CCB already the Shitty Times so jialat to read now go and publish this fucker's letter make my blood boil big time! At first I thought must be some hardcore Christian type lah, you know that kind damn proper go church every other day and cannot say fuck word one or else sure go to hell blah blah blah type.

Rockson's readers also damn solid, dig up the identity of this Ephraim fucker. Ephraim?? What kind of fuck cheebye name is that? KNN so pretentious and wannabe. PUI!!! And then people start to visit his blog and humtum him up down left right centre. Sibei song! This fucker quickly remove his blog archives and photos. But too late liao! For those of you who didn't manage to see his blog before the fucker take the info down, I tell you all this fucker is a si gina! From Temasek Poly, after NS now studying in MDIS. He wrote that he aspires to be a broadcast jounalist, a singer, a DJ, an actor... and best of all.... a 绝对 Superstar!!!

Can see or not? Knn really CMI, talk about a dog-fucked face!

Thanks to readers who manage to dig up photos from his blog... this cb kia got something wrong with his teeth, hahahaha!!!

And he says he writes poetry! WTF man, his writing sucks... or basically he can't write for nuts! Wah lan eh! Fucking cheebye kia is really shameless! KNN sounds like another Steven Lim sia!

Wah lan eh! Think he damn hansum?! PUI!!!! S'pore Horror indeed! Fucker really damn shameless and clueless... Fucker also fail IPPT and kena BMT recourse during his NS! Wahahaha! wat a douche bag!

CB kia confirm is a PAP running dog scum. Here he is posing next to his idol, the most useless president ever in S'pore. Not to mention this ah neh scum worked for the Japanese during WW2. KNN a running dog posing with another running dog. Dogs of the same calibre shit together! HAHAHAHA!!!

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