Friday, April 20, 2007

A vindictive man and a coward!

Just go to google video, do a search for "Zahari's 17 Years" and you can find this documentary that has just been banned by the PAP gahmen.

I have watched it twice and found it very moving. It is not some dramatic movie. Instead it is just a very simple and crude video of an ordinary interview with an old man, the ex-political detainee Said Zahari who was in prison for 17 years. It is very important to note that Zahari was never charged in a court of law or put on trial.

What makes it riveting viewing for me is Zahari himself. He is very eloquent and speaks very well. Not in the airy fairy cheem cheem england way, but very simple and direct. He can even speak good mandarin (he learned it from his fellow political detainees in prison) the kind very proper and zhun type. Wah respect man! I can see why LKY wants to put people like him away, because LKY will not be able to take him on politically one on one!

Watching it makes me feel sad for S'pore and a lot of things start to make sense. Why LKY behaves the way he does, and why some people of the older generation tells me that LKY has never fought for independence and the PAP cannot be trusted.

What is truth? Truth is when both sides can tell their stories without hindrance. They say history belongs to the victor not the vanquished. That is not true. Sooner or later the vanquished will get their side of story out, it just takes a while longer that's all. And when they do we owe it to ourselves to pay equal if not more attention to their side of history.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

LHL self pwns again

No matter how hard the PAP tries to twist and turn their way in selling their koyok and senseless logic behind raising their salaries, the people just don't buy it. Increasingly this is turning into quite an ugly episode. International media has reported on it, and a White Official was said to be stunned by LHL's new salary amount.

Wednesday April 11, 10:38 AM
Singapore PM's salary stuns White House official

A senior White House official on Tuesday admitted he was floored by the news that Singapore's prime minister earned five times more than US President George W. Bush.

"I'm going to emigrate and run for office in Singapore," the official said on condition he be identified only as "a senior administration official who sits in disbelief after reading that story."

On Monday, the Singapore government had announced a fresh 25.5 percent pay hike for Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, boosting his salary to 2.05 million dollars per year.

Bush gets paid 400,000 dollars per year for doing his job, according to the White House.

Combined with personal investment income, he and his wife Laura reported 618,694 dollars in taxable income in the 2005 fiscal year. They had to pay 187,768 dollars in federal taxes.

But maybe Bush shouldn't feel so bad. The Singaporean's paycheck is eight times fatter than Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's.

The latest wayang came yesterday from LHL himself who has so far kept very quiet letting his father and other ministers do the mixture of hard sell tinged with heavy dosage of fear tactics. LHL announced that he will "freeze" his own pay and donate the 80% increment he will get to charities. Awwwwwwww... S'poreans will be so touched! Nice mix of hard sell and soft approach from the PAP, well orchestrated and choreographed, hahaha!

From Today:
In a speech that was at times emotional and peppered with anecdotes from his own 23-year career in politics, Mr Lee spoke about his fears of Singapore getting a corrupt premier in the future. "I'm worried about somebody wanting to be Prime Minister, hoping to be paid not a single cent but still collect $400 million — under the table ..."

Apple's Steve Jobs takes a annual token salary of just US$1. Of course Steve Jobs must be collecting US$400 million under the table and Apple the world's foremost computer company must be suffering from a dose of corrupt management according to LHL and PAP's logic.

Not only that I think LHL has just undermined the entire system past leaders including his father have built up. Is he saying under the present system it is possible to collect $400 million under the table? HAHAHAH!! Mo matter how hard they try, it is time they realise the more they argue the more ridiculous they look to the whole world.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Happy until like kena strike Toto!!!

You see them laughing until so happy u would be forgiven for thinking that they tio 10 million toto! This is web banner from asia one website. But guess what the picture above is no longer there, SPH has changed it to something more sombre below...

Wah piang! What a big difference! Hahaha! Suddenly all so sad liao especially the Teo fella kena look like someone died like that. Tio toto still look so unhappy??? Money still not enough ah?! KKNBCCB!

There isn't much for me to say about the ministers pay raise that have not be spoken of in other blogs by bloggers with better articulation.

The Hen says this...
"We know financial rewards cannot and should not be the main motivator of those in the Public Service. However, that does not mean we do not need to pay them market-competitive salaries. We don't want pay to be the reason for people to join us, or to leave after joining us."

What a load of contradictions and BS. End of the day despite all the smoke and posturing the fact is they paid themselves the best and the mostest and have lost all sense of proportion. 60% raise is simply out of this world!

I read even MPs get a raise too, even walkover MPs who don't represent the people, and their performance is tied to GDP. Again this strange obsession with GDP. What about the soft indicators such as income gap, freedom of speech, political openness and so on? Will MPs now push for even more pro-business policies (not that they haven't been) at even greater expense of those who are left behind?

I notice also the PM is strangely quiet. The GST hike and budget speech was handled by Tartman. Now the unpopular issue of minister raise is thrown to the Hen. Even MM has to come out on the son's behalf to ram down the logic, not that MM is anymore convincing. This is not the way for leaders to lead. It reminds me of last yr's GE where LHL as so-called 'commander-in-chief' of PAP's election campaign was largely absent and ineffective, with the whole PAP campaign in disarray with u-turns and hiccups right down to polling day. This is the kind of paper general that is leading Singapore now and it doesn't look good. I suspect the father knows that too, which is why he die die cannot let go.

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Where is the sense of proportion??

Can you imagine an 84 year old retiree who pays himself $2.7 million a year? And this amount is before pension! And he has the cheek to tell S'poreans to have a sense of proportion! KNNBCCB!!

Friday, April 06, 2007

Talented M'sian

This rap song damn good leh ~

An earlier video, 麻坡的话语 ~

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

[Link] Patients now have less protection!

Something we should know...

"Dear Friends,
This is not a sick April Fool’s joke.

I found out about this from an email sent to SMA's members only last night and it is all in the papers today..."

Although I saw the news in the papers, I didn't really give it a read. The doctor here has summarised the gist of the matter here.