Friday, April 20, 2007

A vindictive man and a coward!

Just go to google video, do a search for "Zahari's 17 Years" and you can find this documentary that has just been banned by the PAP gahmen.

I have watched it twice and found it very moving. It is not some dramatic movie. Instead it is just a very simple and crude video of an ordinary interview with an old man, the ex-political detainee Said Zahari who was in prison for 17 years. It is very important to note that Zahari was never charged in a court of law or put on trial.

What makes it riveting viewing for me is Zahari himself. He is very eloquent and speaks very well. Not in the airy fairy cheem cheem england way, but very simple and direct. He can even speak good mandarin (he learned it from his fellow political detainees in prison) the kind very proper and zhun type. Wah respect man! I can see why LKY wants to put people like him away, because LKY will not be able to take him on politically one on one!

Watching it makes me feel sad for S'pore and a lot of things start to make sense. Why LKY behaves the way he does, and why some people of the older generation tells me that LKY has never fought for independence and the PAP cannot be trusted.

What is truth? Truth is when both sides can tell their stories without hindrance. They say history belongs to the victor not the vanquished. That is not true. Sooner or later the vanquished will get their side of story out, it just takes a while longer that's all. And when they do we owe it to ourselves to pay equal if not more attention to their side of history.

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