Sunday, May 27, 2007

Hypocrites of the profession

May 27, 2007
CJ's first 'lecture' to new lawyers: Ethics is what matters most
It's not the amount of money you make, he says, giving each of the 233 new lawyers a book on ethics
By K.C. Vijayan, Law Correspondent

HAVING completed their law degree, some 233 new lawyers were yesterday given one last lecture by the Chief Justice before entering the profession.

He told them of his own travails over 40 years ago when he was in their shoes and even left them each with bed-time reading material - a book on ethics and professional responsibility.

Speaking of his own difficulties in being admitted to the Bar after finishing his pupilage in a law firm in Kuala Lumpur, CJ Chan Sek Keong said the challenges for new lawyers were even bigger.

Despite that, he reminded the new batch that the qualities which make a good lawyer remained the same - commitment to the profession, judiciary and clients.

Legal ethics, said CJ Chan, was still the most important trait.

A lawyer with high moral standards will win the trust of clients, peers and the court, he said.

'True success as a professional is the respect your peers have for you, and not the amount of money that you make from your practice.'

I wonder what kind of respect is Chan talking about? People like him are appointed to his job not by his peers but by the PAP prime minister. Same as his predecessor Yong Pung Sai, who was appointed by LKY to do LKY's bidding. Chan himself is quite infamous. During the 1997 general election PAP non-candidates were loitering inside polling stations. This happened in hotly contested Cheng San GRC. On that day Lee Hsien Loong, Goh Chok Tong and Tony Tan were all inside the polling station "lending support" to their beleaguered colleagues who were running against the Workers Party team led by JBJ. The law states that non-candidates cannot be inside polling stations so as not to influence voters or canvass votes. So the opposition lodged a complaint. The case went to court where Chan famously ruled that the PAP did not break any rules. His reason? "Plainly, a person inside a polling station cannot be said to be within a radius of 200 metres of a polling station"... i.e. you are already inside, so you can't be outside, so case dismissed.

Unbelievable? You better believe it!

With people like Chan and Yong, the law profession is a sick joke in SG. And Chan has the cheek to lecture about ethics! Hah!

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

PAP minister equates gays to paedophiles and psychopaths!

An SAF paper general turned politician suggested this when asked about decriminalising homosexual acts specifically Section 377A.

This paper general Lui Tuck Yew (below left), if you remember, is one of those new PAP MPs or new blood from last year's GE. He is under Old Lee's Tanjong Pagar GRC and was famously quoted saying he has not watched porn before in his life. Amazing isn't it? What kind of weirdo is he?

'Main society not ready'
Minister says he is 'not ready to move' on homosexuality

Derrick A Paulo

If Minister of State for Education Lui Tuck Yew has his way, there will be no changes to Section 377A of the Penal Code, which makes homosexual acts a crime here. "I'm not ready to move, and I don't think a major section of society is ready to move," he said.

Rear-Admiral (NS) Lui gave his personal views yesterday at a dialogue session for the annual Pre-University Seminar at the Nanyang Technological University. The issue cropped up when a student asked RAdm Lui how the Government will reconcile "ideas and ideologies" that will be increasingly in conflict as Singapore "opens up to the world and becomes more liberal". She was referring to Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew's comments at a forum last month in which he said the Government is not the moral police on the homosexuality issue.

In response, RAdm Lui said: "Yes, there will be different tension points, maybe what some would characterise conservatives versus liberals. We can't be stiff-necked. We need to be open to ideas but we have to come to our conclusions through the framework in Singapore. That's why it's important to have our own deep convictions and beliefs."

While acknowledging Mr Lee's comments on the possible genetics of homosexuality, RAdm Lui said he does not subscribe to the theory that it is a "medical condition".

"Do you excuse paedophiles or psychopaths because of a medical condition?" he asked.

He is also not swayed by arguments that homosexuality does not affect others in society, that it is just between two people. "There can be lots of relationships, like between a person and an animal, or a person and another person, but which is incestuous. There are norms in society."

The Government will move at the pace at which society "allows us to move", RAdm Lui said.

This kuku minister talks about the need to be open to ideas and having deep convictions and beliefs. But in one fell sweep he who "is not willing to move" has lumped homosexuals together with paedophiles and psychopaths! What an incredible thing to say from a minister? I have never seen anything like it! Truly uniquely PAP and Singapore! Will Lui Fuck You next asks that all homosexuals be put away in concentration camps?

This is what SAF and being in a military organisation can do to you. It fries your brain and logic and turns one into a high IQ idiot and moron like Lui Fuck You.

Sunday, May 06, 2007

The old and uneducated in Sg...

So this is PAP's vision of working longer in order to survive in Sg....

My mom is working at the Tuas South Incineration Plant as a cleaner under the contract of a private cleaning company. The company pays her S$700 a month for a 5-days work week. The pay is not high, but at least reasonable.

Now, the cleaning contract has ended for this cleaning company and the contract has been given to another new cleaning company. And so my mom's new boss had a meet-the-people session to tell the cleaners his rules:

1. The pay is reduced to S$500
2. Now it has to be a 5.5 days working week
3. There will be a cut in manpower as there should not be more than 3 people working at an area, regardless how large the area space
4. No annual leave and sick leave for the first year

And there was where my mom and all other old uncles and aunties got a shock... NO ANNUAL LEAVE AND SICK LEAVE FOR THE FIRST YEAR?!? Hello? These are not hyperactive teenagers we're talking about! This new boss is expecting all his 50-60 years old cleaners not to fall sick for one year? How realistic is this?!? And so what if they DO fall sick? Pay cut! Not a difficult guess right?

Meanwhile the emperor and his eunuchs continue to dance and make merry...

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

A worried Singaporean

This SGian call Jonathan Cheng Hern Sinn is worried wor... My comments in blue.

May 1, 2007
MM's comments have me and family worried

I AM writing about the review of the criminal code. Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew's recent comments about liberalising laws regarding homosexuality have got my family and me very concerned.

My expatriate friends find Singapore a conducive place in terms of its low crime and cleanliness. More importantly, they comment that it is a wholesome place. One does not find pornography sold openly in a neighbourhood shop. Having lived in the West myself, this down-to-earth wholesomeness is what makes Singapore special.

Like this i'm sure he will find living in North Korea or Afghanistan under the Taliban also very special, HAHAHAHA! KNN wat a fucktard!

Singapore today faces the challenge of a declining birth rate and families are breaking down at the same time. To legalise homosexuality will compound these problems, given that homosexual couples do not reproduce.

This fucker dunno got brain one or not? Declining birth rate of heterosexual couples got anything to do with gays meh?? Why not blame gays for every fuck shit thing also? Wah lan eh... *shake head*

The homosexual lobby in the West is extremely aggressive. It is the same here. Observe how it is now considered intolerant when one criticises them.

Intolerant?? So what does this make Jonathan Cheng, tolerant? Oh no he is just worried... Hahaha!

What would it be like to have a homosexual teach our children that it is normal to be gay? You might scorn the idea but this is what is happening in the West.

Well i am not gay but if one day i become a teacher and my students ask me whether being gay is normal or not my answer will be in the form of a question, "Do you think it is normal to have black, yellow, white skin? Is it normal to have green and blue eyes instead of brown or black eyes?"

Homosexuals lead a promiscuous and hedonistic lifestyle. What else can you expect when you do not have children to live for or be in a loving and committed relationship? This increases the risk of STDs, Aids, etc, further increasing the risk to the general population.

WAHAHAHA!!! Jonathan thinks that gays cannot be in loving and committed relationship wor. *shake head* I sense that he is going to kana jialat jialat liao from people writing in to flame him, and he deserves it.

Homosexuality is not going to go away. All I am saying is that we do not make it easier to be a homosexual by legalising their activities. Singapore is our home and I am proud to be Singaporean. Let us keep it a wholesome place.

Jonathan Cheng Hern Sinn

This fucker is don't know crawl out from which hole one? This must be the most ridiculous, stupid, not to mention offensive, letter i have seen in the Straits Times this year. With people like Jonathan Cheng around i guess it is no wonder i don't feel proud to be a Singaporean, unlike him.