Thursday, November 30, 2006

Honest mistake means not accountable?

A piece of news today... i wonder if this is part of the penal review?

Here is the bit i am skeptical about...

Starting next year, an initiative by Chief Justice Chan Sek Keong could change the complexion of medical negligence cases. All parties can meet before a case begins; patients or their relatives can find out exactly what happened; and, if necessary, doctors can say sorry.

More importantly, everyone can speak freely, because the information exchanged cannot be used in court.

1st thing that cross my recruit brain is... WTF? Imagine i am a doctor suspected of negligence or misconduct.. If i tell you something that you deserve to know, you then cannot use those information if you later decide to pursue an action against my negligence? I mean if a doctor wants to say sorry sincerely then just say it. Why should there be conditions tied in? Of coz if the doctor does not believe there is any negligence, why force the doctor to say sorry? A negligent doctor sooner or later must face the truth and consequences. Why should a doctor be somehow protected? Now it appears that in a case where there is genuine negligence, and the doctor knows it, but by using 'sorry' and 'honest mistake' you can't hold him/her accountable anymore. Can lidat one meh??

This leads me to think about this. According to the news...

In fact, experts said that if the move takes off, there could be less need to go to court at all. The air of mistrust can be cleared, and if an honest mistake has been made, the matter can be settled without relying on expensive litigation.

So expensive legal fees and proceedings is the reason behind this. But straight away there is a loophole. If i make the already expensive litigation even more expensive, wouldn't this push people (especially the poor) towards this new policy? Haha you see anot? Who will actually benefit and be protected??

The question is in the first place why is litigation so expensive?? This means justice lies with those who can afford it instead of those who really needs it. Why not address this to make litigation affordable for all?

If this is part of the law review or whatever review they are doing now, it seems to me once again it is designed to favour the rich and elites.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

The PAP is clueless, here is an example

Ever since news of the GST hike, it is normal for the PAP controlled 146th media to follow up with por lumpar articles and "expert views" on how the GST hike will benefit SG and S'poreans etc. Here is one from last week.

I leave the details aside but in a nutshell it says the GST hike will help serve the long term needs of S'pore by attracting more foreign talents and foreign investments.

What is this thing about foreign investments or FDI (Foreign Direct Investments)? No doubt foreigners and FDI did play a vital role during a period of SG's development. But even a chow recruit like me knows that it just does not make sense to keep relying on it. Sooner or later it will harm us more than it help us, like an unhealthy obsession or something. I remember my parents talking about it back in the 80s when i was just a ginna pi. And now in 2006 we are still talking about FDI. It is like ingrained in the national psyche! Of cos the reason we hear so much is becos the PAP talks about it all the time (remember GE 2006?), and now we hear it again to support the GST hike. Endlessly we are told, FDI is good! We need FDI! Without FDI it's the end for you and me!!! (according to the PAP at least)

Of cos the critics think differently. I remember during GE the Workers Party and their non-elite types question the holy grail call FDI. Nabei hor, how dare they question the elites?! Even CSJ, who is not trained in economics, was one of the first critics of PAP's economic policy! I'm sure we cannot listen to CSJ?! The man is mad according the PAP and their media... We must instead listen to our economics wonder, none other than LHL!

But today the truth is finally out. The bullshit about FDI has been debunked by Harvard economics guru Michael Porter. Basically Porter confirms what our oppositions have been saying all these years. "The old formula doesn't work anymore," he says, becos the growth drivers of the past have reached their limit...

1. FDI - S'pore already has the highest FDI intensity in the world. It would be hard for it to go up any further.

2. Singapore's trade — another evergreen driver — reached a point where its size, at $715 billion, was greater than the Republic's $194 billion Gross Domestic Product. It is unlikely the trade sector will grow further.

3. Efficiency - that other buzzword — sounds jaded now. S'pore can no longer compete on being just an efficient place to do business. Increasingly, it has to be a knowledge-based, differentiation-based, innovation-based economy. (And Porter stopped short of pointing out we have yet to make that challenging transition.)

4. And finally, the era in which Singapore's Government could drive its economic development was passe. "Top down from the Government is not working any more," Porter said.

So what do we have to do now? Porter's answers lie in ...

1. A bottom up approach instead of a top down approach.

2. Mobilising the private sector. In other words the small and medium enterprise (SME) and building indigenous capabilities. (dats right! the FT policy is misguided!)

In other words exactly what the oppositions have been calling for all these years. Wow! Our non-elite opposition got world class intellect leh! KNN then how come all the PAP million dollar morons still talking about FDIs and FT crap. They bloody sleeping on the job all these yrs issit?! KNNBCCB!!

So u see the next time you hear some PAP dogs bring up this FDI thing again, you know the person is really an outdated unthinking moron living in the past.

I used to be skeptical and wonder about the capabilities of LHL. Is he really that smart and brilliant like what the media say he is? Now i know there is no need to wonder anymore! After all the clue was there all along.... he was a SAF general, enough said, hehehe.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Chao Cheebye GST going up!!!

This must be one of the most cheebye news of 2006!

I am too fucking angry to post a link, instead I will just cut and paste some of the most fucking cheebye rubbish ever to come out from Ass Loong's mouth!

Speaking in Malay, Mandarin and English, Mr Lee explained that the hike was necessary to finance the enhanced social safety nets, needed to help the lower income group and he emphasised that the offset package would more than counter the rise in GST.

Hey fuck you Ass Loong! Can come up with a better excuse or not?! Your cheebye world highest PM salary take out and donate to help the poor lah motherfucker!!! You want to offset simi lanjiao? KNN typical SAF paper general style, LPPL, create extra work for the sake of looking busy!

While Singapore's current model to tackle the widening income gap is sound, Mr Lee said the government would take on two approaches to deal with the new environment - to strengthen the safety nets and tilt the balance in favour of the lower-income groups who do not benefit from the fruits of economic growth.

To do this, government spending will have to go up. The government now spends some 15 percent of its GDP - one of the lowest in the world.

What the fuck is this magic number of 15 percent??! Who decide one?? Why cannot spend more than 15%? How about increase to 20%? Like this won't need to increase GST right?! KNN see i have hit upon a solution liao, straight forward and simple, no need to create extra work for these dumb fuck civil servants.

And where is the rest of the 85%?? You makan shiok shiok liao ah?! Or throw into failed ventures overseas? Shin Corp??

"It's part of being one society. I'm not going to tax 15% on income tax, I'm not going to tax 25% from GST the way the Scandanavians do, but I have to make the adjustments of 2% which I think is fair and I think Singaporeans will support," added Mr Lee.

Hey Ass Loong, u forgot this is Uniquely Singapore ah? Why use other countries to compare?? This Singaporean here got this to say in your sissy face. "IT IS NOT FAIR AND I DON'T SUPPORT THE GST HIKE!"

KNNBCCB go to hell PAP!!!

Monday, November 13, 2006

The Law protects the Elites

I heard parliament came out with some Penal Code review. I won’t go into the details becoz bloggers out there do a better job commenting on it. Everyone has their angles. For example Yawning bread is concerned about discrimination on gays, or Mr Wang and many others are concerned about curbing freedom, free speech, public assembly etc.

However I find one big element that is glaring in this Penal Code Review. I notice all the changes to the law are targeted towards what I call Blue Collar crimes. They are going to make punishments harsher and fines heavier. But what about White Collar crimes? I see no mention of changes to White Collar crimes. Maybe there are but so far I don’t see any reports or news. And no bloggers touch on this angle yet.

So it seems the Law Review targets the weak and the poor and the masses. It doesn’t target crimes that elites are likely to commit. Example corruption, corporate fraud, embezzle money, graft and so on. Not even expanding the scope, I think the punishments also remain the same. So you see the elites are getting away with it protecting their own kind.

If I change the law and say from today onwards if you commit fraud or steal money worth more than a peanut ($600k), the punishment will be death sentence. Straight away I tell you there will be no more cheating and corruption. Deterrence mah, as PAP always like to use as justification.

And this will be very effective don’t you think? Instead of having to pay millions to entice people not to be corrupted, now those who want to try some funny business will seriously think hard before trying. And white collar crimes are committed by people who are smart and educated, so they should be able to use their brains and think. If they still want to go ahead and commit white collar crimes then they cannot siam and say things like “oh, it was a moment of folly”... or “I lost my head there for a moment” kind of lame excuses.

Just take NKF and Durai for example. He was a lawyer and knew the law. This kind of smart educated people is 知法犯法 so his punishment should be tougher than say someone who spoke without a public permit or a pickpocket. In fact the Penal Code Review should emphasize on people like them and their crimes becoz this kind of elites are rich, knows the right people, and can hire expensive lawyers to argue their guilt away. Likewise if a minister or MP is found to be corrupted or commit white collar crime than their punishments must be double or triple or even life imprisonment or death! If Durai and Mathilda knew that they will be hanged for stealing peanuts I’m sure things would be different. This is a good becoz it also serves as a filter and sieve out those whose hearts are not in the right places especially when it comes to public office.

But instead of being tougher on white collar crimes the gahment does absolutely nothing on this category of offenders. This goes on in S’pore all the time and is not a new thing.

Take the SAF for example, recruits and privates and NCOs are subjected to charge or sign extras at the whim and fancy of their officers. But what happens when a Captain does something wrong? It is rare that the Captain’s superiors (Major, Colonel etc) will want to destroy a fellow officer’s career. So it is usually a harsh verbal reprimanding for wayang, sign some harmless extras and after that covered up. Why not charge the officer?? Why not demote the bugger or throw him in detention barrack?? It is only fair that leaders who fail in their duties must bear heavier responsibilities. But we all know such is not the case.

So you see from the SAF to real life, there is always a class-divide. The elites look after their own not only becoz of self-interests, they do so and deliberately use the law to penalize the non-elites becoz they are fearful of the masses.

S’pore consistently ranks high on being clean and non-corrupt, but who are the people who are voting in such surveys? It is always the bosses, the elites, the foreigners etc who are least punished if they do something wrong. And if the law punishes a non-elite for causing offence to an elite, than all the better and S’pore must be a wonderful place to do business!

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Despot talk cock sing song again

The emperor keeps tripping and slapping himself, just that no one is pointing it out to him. Just look at some of what he said according to this news article.

Shorter-term leaders?
MM Lee says future leaders may not remain in office beyond 20 years

Derrick A Paulo

WHEN Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew visited the chairman of ExxonMobil last month, he was offered a glimpse of how Singapore may have to manage leadership succession in the future.

In Texas, the oil giant's headquarters were "so much more attractive than the White House", Mr Lee found.

"I then realised why the best leaders in America go to corporations, not into government," he said. "The attractions of a private career and a private life are stupendous."

Aha! But a career in public office is not the same as one in a private profit-driven corporation. To lump the two together shows a lack of basic understanding of what is public office. The starting point and motivations are different. I think he always wanted secretly to be a successful CEO and make it big in business, like Wee Cho Yaw and all that. But because he can't, so he installed himself as Chairman of GIC and play businessman there. Obviously he is not good at it, and must have wasted a lot of money in bad investments and failed ventures, which is why the books of GIC remains a secret and all hush hush.

It is a scenario Singapore may face in the next 20 to 30 years, if the economy keeps growing and the country is more secure financially. One solution to ensure that governance standards do not slip would be to give successive leaders shorter terms in office, believes Mr Lee.

Between 10 and 20 years — that is how long he hopes they will stay at least, "because you need two to three terms to really master the art of government".

But, any longer and the prospect of heading the Government of Singapore Investment Corporation — with offices across the globe — may become more appealing than heading the Singapore Government, said Mr Lee, speaking at the launch of the LKY School of Public Policy's inaugural book, Managing Globalization: Lessons from China & India.

However, he ruled out hiring "foreign talent" to run the country, after he was asked by a Singaporean student of the school if it was a possibility.

"No … you must have the passion, you must have the commitment, you must share the dreams of the people," he replied.

Aha! So in one big sweep he just condemed all who are not in public office as lacking the passion, commitment and don't share in the dreams of the people. So what about Temasek and GIC? They are corporations and not government. So now we know why Temasek is fucking up so badly in Thailand! Hahaha!

Although Singapore is grappling with a widening income gap, and globalisation has led to signs of a dual economy, Mr Lee believes that everyone can still gain from economic growth.

He likened the country's wealth distribution to a tennis or golf tournament.

"The big prize is always number one, then number two, number three, but in fact, all those who have participated do get something; otherwise, they won't come back. They have expended time and money, got their golf clubs or rackets," he said.

"It's important to give everybody a sense of having participated in the national effort. We reward you with a decent life. How much of a decent life will vary with how magnificent the result of the total effort."

The Government's approach is to keep seeking out the right balance between competition and compassion. "If you have too much of the yang, highly competitive, your society will have a certain amount of friction. If you have too much of the yin, you'd have lost your drive," he said.

Many of the school's international students among the 300-strong audience were hoping to hear Mr Lee's and Singapore's prescription of yin and yang for their own societies.

For him the bedrock of development is security, stability and a system that rewards learning and hard work. But he stressed that it was up to them to "get (their) countries in order".

While Singapore after independence "grafted" 70 to 80 per cent of its approach to government from good practices around the world, he estimated, the 20 to 30 per cent of local experience is no less important.

"I listen to all the advice I get … some unsolicited, especially from well-meaning academics. But you don't know me, and my conditions, and I know that's not applicable. So, we do what we know will work," he said.

So despot, you KNOW everything ah? KNOW, KNOW, KNOW, KNOW. What do you KNOW? Not only are you arrogant, you make yourself look stupid. No wonder your party is filled with equally arrogant idiots like your son, monkey Tan, Wee Siew Kim, Wong Cunt Sing, Ng Eng Hen, Lee Boon Yang etc... too many to name liao. Bloody worms all.