Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Chao Cheebye GST going up!!!

This must be one of the most cheebye news of 2006!

I am too fucking angry to post a link, instead I will just cut and paste some of the most fucking cheebye rubbish ever to come out from Ass Loong's mouth!

Speaking in Malay, Mandarin and English, Mr Lee explained that the hike was necessary to finance the enhanced social safety nets, needed to help the lower income group and he emphasised that the offset package would more than counter the rise in GST.

Hey fuck you Ass Loong! Can come up with a better excuse or not?! Your cheebye world highest PM salary take out and donate to help the poor lah motherfucker!!! You want to offset simi lanjiao? KNN typical SAF paper general style, LPPL, create extra work for the sake of looking busy!

While Singapore's current model to tackle the widening income gap is sound, Mr Lee said the government would take on two approaches to deal with the new environment - to strengthen the safety nets and tilt the balance in favour of the lower-income groups who do not benefit from the fruits of economic growth.

To do this, government spending will have to go up. The government now spends some 15 percent of its GDP - one of the lowest in the world.

What the fuck is this magic number of 15 percent??! Who decide one?? Why cannot spend more than 15%? How about increase to 20%? Like this won't need to increase GST right?! KNN see i have hit upon a solution liao, straight forward and simple, no need to create extra work for these dumb fuck civil servants.

And where is the rest of the 85%?? You makan shiok shiok liao ah?! Or throw into failed ventures overseas? Shin Corp??

"It's part of being one society. I'm not going to tax 15% on income tax, I'm not going to tax 25% from GST the way the Scandanavians do, but I have to make the adjustments of 2% which I think is fair and I think Singaporeans will support," added Mr Lee.

Hey Ass Loong, u forgot this is Uniquely Singapore ah? Why use other countries to compare?? This Singaporean here got this to say in your sissy face. "IT IS NOT FAIR AND I DON'T SUPPORT THE GST HIKE!"

KNNBCCB go to hell PAP!!!

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