Tuesday, May 01, 2007

A worried Singaporean

This SGian call Jonathan Cheng Hern Sinn is worried wor... My comments in blue.

May 1, 2007
MM's comments have me and family worried

I AM writing about the review of the criminal code. Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew's recent comments about liberalising laws regarding homosexuality have got my family and me very concerned.

My expatriate friends find Singapore a conducive place in terms of its low crime and cleanliness. More importantly, they comment that it is a wholesome place. One does not find pornography sold openly in a neighbourhood shop. Having lived in the West myself, this down-to-earth wholesomeness is what makes Singapore special.

Like this i'm sure he will find living in North Korea or Afghanistan under the Taliban also very special, HAHAHAHA! KNN wat a fucktard!

Singapore today faces the challenge of a declining birth rate and families are breaking down at the same time. To legalise homosexuality will compound these problems, given that homosexual couples do not reproduce.

This fucker dunno got brain one or not? Declining birth rate of heterosexual couples got anything to do with gays meh?? Why not blame gays for every fuck shit thing also? Wah lan eh... *shake head*

The homosexual lobby in the West is extremely aggressive. It is the same here. Observe how it is now considered intolerant when one criticises them.

Intolerant?? So what does this make Jonathan Cheng, tolerant? Oh no he is just worried... Hahaha!

What would it be like to have a homosexual teach our children that it is normal to be gay? You might scorn the idea but this is what is happening in the West.

Well i am not gay but if one day i become a teacher and my students ask me whether being gay is normal or not my answer will be in the form of a question, "Do you think it is normal to have black, yellow, white skin? Is it normal to have green and blue eyes instead of brown or black eyes?"

Homosexuals lead a promiscuous and hedonistic lifestyle. What else can you expect when you do not have children to live for or be in a loving and committed relationship? This increases the risk of STDs, Aids, etc, further increasing the risk to the general population.

WAHAHAHA!!! Jonathan thinks that gays cannot be in loving and committed relationship wor. *shake head* I sense that he is going to kana jialat jialat liao from people writing in to flame him, and he deserves it.

Homosexuality is not going to go away. All I am saying is that we do not make it easier to be a homosexual by legalising their activities. Singapore is our home and I am proud to be Singaporean. Let us keep it a wholesome place.

Jonathan Cheng Hern Sinn

This fucker is don't know crawl out from which hole one? This must be the most ridiculous, stupid, not to mention offensive, letter i have seen in the Straits Times this year. With people like Jonathan Cheng around i guess it is no wonder i don't feel proud to be a Singaporean, unlike him.

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