Thursday, September 15, 2005

Seductions Act!

Yesterday this Derek cheebye late again. We suppose to meet at kopitiam for beer but fucker turn up almost 45 mins late! By then limpeh already finish one bottle of Carlsberg myself... knn. At first want to tekan him a bit and make him pay for two more bottles but see him like bad mood liddat, so I ask him wats the problem?

Derek got a cat and dog at home and he wanted to bring the dog along becoz later can go to nearby pet shop for grooming. But when he tried to take taxi no taxi want to fetch him becoz his dog is not in a cage. Knn no wonder lah, got some mat woman go complain in Shitty times about uncaged pet dog taking taxi becoz their religion like say dogs are dirty and they cannot touch dogs or things that come into contact with dogs. In the end boh pian he has to leave his poor dog at home and go grooming appointment another day. Derek also tell me now becoz of this mat woman’s complain got people go whack the bitch in pet forums and then say not so nice things about her race and her religion in their blogs... and then the mata sibei solid arrest two dog lovers who said this kind of not so nice things and charge them the Seductions Act. They going to kena jail and big fine liao!

Wah lan eh! Liddat also can?! I also a bit kan cheong liao... I humtum that cheebye Ephraim in my blog wait he complain to mata then will I also kena Seductions Act...?! But think think not possible lah coz that cheebye so fucking ugly who will believe anyone will want to seduce him? HAHAHAHA!!!

Anyway now Derek du-lan so whole evening kpkb. Say dunno why nowadays still got some people from the mat race and religion like dunno live in what century one, the thinking like stuck and cannot change. Our neighbours up north some of their royal people also keep pet dogs like that how? And then nowadays the pet dogs so bloody pampered where got dirty one. You got see stray dogs take taxis one meh? Knn this Derek bath his precious doggie every other day and spray dog perfume every morning some more. I think his dog more clean and smell nicer than me wearing my stinko SAF uniform. Like that how? I cannot take taxis and MRT liao lor? Ban all stinky SAF recruits and reservists from public transport issit?! Knn the matas should be watching this kind of people who make this kind of bo liao complain becoz scudly they are like fundamentalists type! Hahahaha!!!

And then hor in the first place this mat woman write and complain to newspaper the editors there also damn stupid and actually go and publish her letter. Confirm dog lovers sure not happy what! Sure will humtum back wat! But they humtum in little forums only mah, not blow big big in national newspaper leh. Like that mata also want to catch? And then this kind of small thing also need to write letter meh? KNN write also write to taxi company mah. She write to newspaper obviously trying to blow things big big. Liddat can also say she trying to raise discontent and disaffection among dog lovers and S’poreans wat. And the 147th so stupid by publishing also become a partner in crime! So both the mat woman and the 147th should also be charged under the Seductions Act!

After 2 bottles of Carlsberg Derek started to talk louder and louder until one of the satay store the mat owner also can hear us. Wah lan eh I quickly go over and say “abang relak lah, sorry if we disturb your customers ok?” The mat also very friendly (actually all of them very friendly one) say no problem lah, even want to give us some free satay to go with our beer! See, just say sorrie big problem can also become small problem and disappear, everyone still happy and no hard feelings. Knn call mata for fuck?! Knn use what Seductions Act for fuck?! Obviously trying to scare people on internet! PUI!!! No wonder Derek say elections coming and S’pore mata want to show power, white elephants also want to catch. That story must ask him to tell me another day.

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