Wednesday, September 14, 2005

This bread sibei champion!

My friend Derek ask me to check out this website, say I sure like one.

Wah lan eh, I thought wat! The cheebye website is gay one leh! Fuck Derek man, think I gay or what?! But then I think Derek every time 好介召 one so just surf surf a bit more and read on lah... and then I tell you hor really buay pai man, this website really damn champion! Knn now I don't know whether Derek is gay or not. Fuck lah, why give a fuck right?! As long as he dun target my backside can still be my buddy.

Anyway hor must say this gay guy Alex Au who call himself Yawning Bread writes damn well man. Really no horse run. And the way he tackle issues, cut apart gahmen bullshit and lies, and analyze situations make me sibei 佩服. Some more not scare to open up with his identity. When come to this limpeh also balls shrink...

To see why his site so tok kong, for example hor he wrote about the wayang that is the presidential election... "The basic and unsolvable problem is this The PAP wants electoral legitimacy, but will not subject themselves to the electorate, for fear of " freak results". For every short-sighted step they take to guarantee results the way they want, a bit more of their legitimacy and any hope of a sustainable legacy come crumbling down. It's a conundrum that is familiar to all observers of history. The people want their say. The longer it is held back, the more blatant the machinations, the more the resistance rises. The more the resistance rises, the more insecure the ruler becomes about submitting to the people's free verdict." Wah lan! 200% zhun zhun man! Not to mention powderful language skill.

Then he sibei sharp also, here he zero in on how those cheebye PAP MPs and ministers are basically arrogant and clueless type. "...Most troubling of all, the PAP ministers and MPs didn't seem to be able to see the difference between legislating for fairness and equity and using laws to make pronouncements about morality. By this simple failure to do the most basic of jobs for a parliamentarian, you could say they are incompetent at their posts. So much for the "merit" claim..." Limpeh read liao sibei shiooook sia!

And then in his latest article he wrote about the jiat liao bee IDA and all those chow cheebye gahmen monopolies like SinkTel, SBS, SPH... "You could also remark that very often the privileged companies are government-linked companies that provide cushy sinecures for former PAP politicians. This may be too extreme a reading. There may be no intention to over-protect these companies or the ministers' friends and relatives who run them, but the civil servants who staff the regulatory watchdogs may simply be doing what civil servants the world over tend to do: watch their backs and be deferential to anyone connected to their political masters' inner circle." Again steady bom pi pi tio boh? I say Alex ah, where got extreme reading leh? KNN whole S'pore is run by famiLEE understand? Ok lah limpeh understand you have to play nice a little bit, otherwise they cheebye sue you for simi lanjiao libel and defamation until tng kor and kar chng pua. HAHAHAHA!!!

Too bad limpeh cannot write such good england, otherwise also write until swee swee and terok the cheebye PAP gahmen and ministers song song! For now I just show my one-finger reservist salute (oIo) and shout KNNBCCB every time I see those PAP scums on television.

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