Sunday, September 03, 2006

Mock NDP and Ephraim Loy

Two things caught my eyes in today's Shit Times (aiya Sunday Times lah, except recruit here more honest and say it like it is hehe).

First thing,
an article titled 'It's Not Funny, says Mindef', refering to video clips on youtube that make fun of SAF and this one which I posted few months back. If you are a slow turtle like the 140th and those stupid 66.6 idiots out there and have not seen it, click my link and have a good laugh.

Go ahead click, 别客气... faster click lah.

Ok now that you have watched it, you tell me funny anot? Knn I cho kao pengz man! In fact I salute those kids in the video whereas I dun give a fuck salute to any SAF officers. Pui!!!

But hor 140th buay song wor. Dr Bernard Loo, some professor at the Institute of Defence and Strategic Studies said, "They may have no malicious intent, but they don't seem aware of the ramifications of their actions" and was quoted that the mock parade undermines a national symbol.

Simi lan jiao national sysmbol?!! The useless Prataman is national symbol meh?? More like national disgrace!!! Useless fat piece of lard take home more than $2.6million in salary to do fuck shit! Of course must mock him! Useless big fat rubber stamp is supposed to protect our reserves yet he happily unlock it for GLCs and Temasek to tap them. Somemore he got a dirty past. Do you know that this fucker worked for the Japanese Kempeitei during WW2 just like Old Lee? No wonder Old Lee so buddy buddy with him and hand him the president chair, knn all fucking traitors to Sporeans!

Ok strictly speaking the above video got nothing to do with Mindef. So actually 140th was also refering to this other lagi best clip. Go see lah.. it is actually not very funny but good effort lor, they trying to simulate how to stop an intruder procedure mah. But then Mindef buay song wor and 140th say 'other NSmen who saw the videos were even more critical of their comrades' actions' blah blah. A PAP abnn woman MP also criticised that such thing will tarnish SAF image.

Knn SAF got simi lan jiao image you tell me! Wayang image only wat! All con job bullshit one wat! Cheebye PAP woman you fucking go do NS first before you open your cheebye mouth and talk!! You wan to criticise you first get off your fat ass and run 2.4km first! Chao cheebye pui!!!!

Ok second thing,

Yes it's the cheebye kia Ephraim Loy. Actually lim pei so long never humtum this PAP bootlicker dog aka por lumpar kia liao, want to give him chance to die a peaceful death mah. But then suddenly this recruit's SAF-trained eyes very sharp zoom in on his name in the Shit Times.

AIYOOOOOO!!!!! Confirm liao lor! See the headline 'Minister George Yeo's views appear on Young PAP Member's site'. See I told you all liao, all this people who write to ST Forums and praise gahmen and PAP policies one is confirmed PAP members. Now zhun zhun tio liao lor, Ephraim Loy is a Young PAP member! Knn looks like he is escalating his por lumpar antics to a new level and even got a minister dog to come and lick lick him! Wah lan see his face really wan to make me puke up my breakfast. I think it is true, those religious people is right! There is a God, and God is damn fair. All these fuck face toads and PAP scums all one kind of lan jiao ugly face, for example like this other PAP dog here. They cannot make it in life, so the only way for them to rise is to suck cock and por PAP lumpar. Knn all got hidden agenda one!


Anonymous said...

Ephraim Loy is going to be somebody someday. This SOB really can carry balls. He is a very dangerous man and don't befriend him as one day he may stab your back for personal gain. Remember how Inderjit Singh played out James Gomez. A PAP man really cannot be trusted.

soci said...

I was having trouble working out what the hell was going on until I heard the national anthem and just had to laugh. The guy in the dustbin is hilarious.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget khoo li han. That's another SOB PAP balls licker.