Friday, September 08, 2006

Everyone do NS meh??

Two days ago a 36 yr old uncle wrote to the 140th to kpkb about in-camp training (ICT).

Aiya the usual things lor... why he cannot defer, very disruptive to career and work, why SAF never get back to him in time etc etc. It is good that he wrote in to the papers becoz like this that useless SAF public relations guy call simi Bend-a-dick something will have to get off his fat ass to do some paperwork and respond. Then again maybe not, this lanjiao Colonel can just ask some chao recruit NSF to write for him. Knn SAF officers really jiat liao bee one.

However before Bend-a-dick's reply can come out (Slow Ass Force you know! sure take a week at least), some stupid fucker wrote to the 140th liao. I cut-and-paste for you all to see...

Sep 8, 2006
ICTs may be inconvenient but defence is everyone's duty

I REFER to Mr Tan Thiam Huat's letter, 'NSman called up for first ICT at age 36' (ST, Sept 6).

While I agree with him that it is indeed a fiasco to be starting one's in-camp training (ICT) at such an age, I have my reservations about the other points raised.

To put it simply, everyone has a role to play in our country's defence, be it a manager high up the organisational hierarchy or a humble cleaner.

While ICTs may result in inconveniences,we have to recognise that defence is the basic foundation of a stable country, one where businesses flourish and our loved ones sleep in peace.

Lastly, while Mr Tan was surprised to receive his first ICT notification recently, I am even more surprised that he realised only now that he had military obligations to fulfil.

Ng Chun Shiong

Haizzz... no wonder Sg is going to the dogs and Foreign Trash are mistaken for talents and welcomed by the stupid gahmen. Stupid fuckers like this Ng Chun Shiong really cannot think critically. I bet he is one of those 四肢发达,头脑简单 kena tio brainwashed types.

Look what google throw up about Mr Ng? Here and here. If this is the same Ng who wrote the letter, now we know why he write the way he write and why he cannot think. This fucker is an officer in the SAF! As all recruits and anyone who has gone through NS will know, the officer breed is the henchmen of the MINDEF and gahment. After 9 months of brainwashing, otherwise known as officer training course, these fucktards come out thinking they deserve respect from the other ranks when they have earned none. Their leadership skills amount to Eye Power and NATO (No Action Talk Only) and to get things done they simply 'pull rank' and lord over the rest, and they themselves dun lead by example. But when faced with another of higher rank, suddenly they will all cower and be deferential. Even when the bigger shot is talking cock and rubbish they all also diam diam and dare not go with common sense. The SAF calls this discipline, what a fucking joke! Incidentally all scholars are mostly officers, which explains why the gahmen is full of fucktards and paper generals who expect people to respect them when they are all jiat liao bee and kena sai!

See the other part about S'pore Book of Records? Fastest time to go through a spiderweb, WAHAHAHA!!!! How fucking bo liao can this Ng be? If he likes SAF so much why don't he use the time to volunteer for extra duties and ICT? What kind of lanjiao record is this?! Oh i forgot, he is an SAF-trained officer, so of course best at wayang and think up useless stunts to make a name for himself. Pui!

Even if this Ng is someone else, I look at his letter already can see loopholes liao. He say everyone has a role to play in a country's defence. Really ah?? Foreigners got play role? PRs leh? Charbor got do NS?? Hey Mr Ng, fuck you understand! We talking about In-Camp training , so please don't try to bullshit and lump under such a general thing as defence! Knn I see rubbish on the public floor I will go pick up one u know? Can count as playing a role anot? Can replace ICT anot? I go have sex and make more babies for country can count as a role anot? My ICT can do in geylang instead of cheebye SAF camps? HAhahaa!

Then further down u say defence is basic foundation of a stable country. Knn, thats why i say you really no brain. This kind of general statement where got meaning one? You trying to bluff primary skool ginnas issit? Or are you trying to become a PAP politican? I can name you so many countries that are stable and yet they don't have NS, so what the fuck crap are you talking about? Wake up your fucking idea understand!

Actually Mr Ng, you dun say i also know why you write in.... Becoz u got hidden agenda! You jealous other people want to siam ICT mah, whereas you chao officer lan lan must serve until 45 yrs old. I bet secretly inside you very too-lan about this. But outwardly you must por lumpar SAF and put up a wayang show. Fucking bastards like you outside I see one time hoot one time!!

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