Saturday, September 16, 2006

Gone to the Dogs - Hong Lim Park

Today I am sibei tired, and this is why...

Last night I did guard duty and only booked out this morning. Damn shag so just want to go home and sleep. But when I reached home Derek called me say want to go eat breakfast or not? Think think also can lah, so i quickly change and go meet him at Hong Lim hawker centre. There the food is sibei tok kong one.

But when I reach there hor, wah i see like got crowd gathered at Speakers Corner leh. This lan cheow place created by the wayang gahmen is usually like fucking ghost town lidat, how come today so happening?? So i go look see look see lah...

CCB recently in camp kena a lot of sai kang so very busy no time read newspapers... 原来 hor today Singapore Democratic Party is holding a rally and protest there. Can see Dr Chee giving speech some more. Wow! So exciting!

But as I approached the area i can see many police hanging around. They walked in pairs and were going around telling the people gathered to disperse or go home. The uncle in front of me was approached and not happy and said back "thank you for your advice, I want to walk around in the park cannot meh?!" Haha the mata diam diam and walked away liao. I sms Derek he also never reply... I think he humji kia see police only balls shrink liao, must have played me out... KNN so typical of Sporeans!

All over the place also got many plain clothes mata. They were easy to spot. For a Sat they were dressed a little too formal. Some of them got wear those earpieces or carry video cameras. They take pictures and video everything. KNN i think i sure tio liao, a yandao kia like me they sure jealous and zoom in on me one HAHAHA!!

This two here try to act casual but they are quite nervous and fidgety. The one on the left keep twitching his fingers without realising it.

Haha so funny, when I went nearer SDP was singing birthday song to LKY. Apparently today is the despot's birthday! Hahaha! Check out this supporter's shirt ~~

Anyway after a while Dr Chee and 4 others wearing T-shirts with democracy and freedom slogans decided to start their protest walk, and that's when I saw how the mata moved in on them.

The SDP did not break any law, therefore the police cannot arrest them. There was a large media presence, both local and foreign, so i think mata also a bit gan cheong. So what the police did was to break the law themselves! They forcefully formed a human circle around the group and just BLOCK the group from moving. They act blur and pretended never hear the appeals from Dr Chee and some members of the public asking them to DON'T BLOCK people from walking. Wah I must say the police behaviour is really damn disgusting. Others obviously felt the same and many were calling the police running dogs or poodle force and other names. Even when Dr Chee said he wanted to go home or this or that the poodles also refused to move. Wah lan really first world gahmen! So shamefull!!

I squeezed in and took a picture. Can see all the act blur faces? KNN got one mat poodle try to look tough hahaha! Who is he trying to scare?

Later the SDP group managed to break out into smaller groups or individuals but the poodles continue to harass each and everyone of them. Here is Dr Chee's sister being surrounded and blocked by poodle bitches at Circular road.

The SDP group was trying to make their way to Parliament House. Of course they failed. What they succeeded in attracting a lot of attention. Derek thinks that what the police did was clearly illegal (I found Derek amongst the crowd later). How can they behave the way they did? In order to please their masters they couldn't give a shit to their duties as civil servants. Instead they trample on and bully harmless and innocent S'poreans. At one stage i heard Dr Chee's sister wanted to go toilet and yet the poodles refused to let her go, so bloody ridiculous! Dr Chee himself never got out of Hong Lim park! The poodles blocked him all the way, really unbelievable.

At around 3pm lidat we ourselves buay tahan liao, sibei hungry so we left and went makan. When we left they were still stuck lidat, i wonder how long they will stay this way?

KNNBCCB wah lan i really feel sad for my country and dunno what to say. It is clear that the police is intruding into S'poreans rights and private space. Instead of protecting the citizens, they are protecting the interests of PAP gahmen and politicians. Everything that was once good in this country is now totally fucked and corrupted. Like what Derek likes to say "its gone to the dogs"... how very true.


Anonymous said...

I feel ashamed to be a Singaporean. Other than throwing money at foreigners and boasting about the economy and $$$, singaporeans have no civil rights, no freedom, nothing.

Mou Ngan Tai said...

Being a policeman is a dirty but well-paying job. For people who want good pay but don't want to do sales, they should consider signing on in the army or police force.