Friday, January 27, 2006

PAPaya dog spotted!!!

Election must be round the corner. The 147th ranked Shit Times has been churning out articles after articles of sycophantic pro-PAP shit. Sycophantic bootlicking PAPaya scums must have been instructed by their masters too to do their part in the papers' forum. If not, meaning they are writing in on their own accord, they are truly beyond hope sillyzens shit the country can do without with. The latest in these eunuchs and toadies (the other two mentioned in this blog are Ephraim Loy and Tang Li) is no stranger... Thanks to google and the brudders at sammyboy, today we have a face to the name hahahaha!

Ladies and gentlemen, introducing Ace Kindred Cheong! (WTF kind of chee bye name is that anyway?! -_-")

And here is little more about Ace...
Steady lah! Apparently lumpar-face there is a photographer wannabe! Wah lan eh, just take a look at his portfolio and i wonder did he pay his models to pose for him? I mean with a face even his own mother would hate no wonder he is such an ACE.. ugly fucker really aced it in the looks department! HAhahaha!!! And i bet he is probably a brainwashed xtian too, giving himself such a shameless chee bye name... sibei jialat leh. I mean would anyone give work to a complete waste of time like him? No wonder he has to learn to suck cock and be an ass-crack licker, busy tripod-ing the PAP! *Gasp* Lumpar face has a hidden agenda there! Going by his super retared looks, he has better chance working as extras appearing in those TV charity shows posing as some down syndrome spastics or brain cancer victims, sure can get record number of people to call in one!

Sometimes i really think there is a God. He is fair lor... useless people sure got one kind of useless hum kar chan face one, and being fucking ugly is a given. I think this is god's way to help normal people to be able to one look distinguish them from the rest. Just look at Ace, Ephraim and Tang Li (and of coz Hairdo Lim and miniLee)! Hahahaha!!

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Anonymous said...

ah.... dear old ace.....

even in the photography community he has one hell of a reputation. the guy's got his head stuck so far up his own ass he can't even see his own shit.