Tuesday, April 11, 2006

NS Men robbed in JB

This news from the TNP just once again shows how NS has made s'poreans so retarded and cannot think for themselves. 李敖 is right, S'poreans are stupid, and NS is one major contributing factor.

FOR the three friends who had completed their national service last December, it was a regular trip to Johor Baru on Saturday.

Their agenda: Shopping and seafood dinner.

It turned out be anything but.

They were robbed of more than $900 worth of valuables by a man. Apart from cash, the lost their handphones and a watch.

All this within an hour of crossing the Causeway.

Worse, it happened in broad daylight and in a crowded shopping mall.

After arriving in JB at 2pm that day, they headed for the City Square mall - a short distance from the Causeway - to check out sports gear and shorts.

They were there for barely 20 minutes when trouble came their way.

Mr Tan, who is now awaiting admission to a polytechnic, said he and his two NS buddies got off the escalator on the second floor of the mall and walked towards the shops.

A man suddenly stopped in front of them, causing Mr Tan to dodge him.

Mr Tan said: 'It was strange because he was not doing anything but just stopped purposely. So I just felt my pockets to see if my wallet and handphone were still there.'

Nothing was missing, so they moved on.

Then they stopped in front of a Watsons outlet to look over the railing at an IT fair below.

The same man they had earlier dodged reappeared.

'The man asked me for RM12 ($5). He did not look like a beggar, but we decided to just give it to him,' Mr Tan said.

He said the man was in his mid-30s to 40s and was wearing a black T-shirt and jeans.

He then demanded they hand over all their cash.

Mr Tan recounted: 'The man told me, 'Take out your wallet and quietly give it to me. If you're looking for trouble, I got a gang here... a lot of fighters. You can scream, you can shout, but I've got back-up.'

'We looked at each other, but we did not know what to do. So we gave him our wallets. We took out the money we had just changed and some Singapore dollars.'

It totalled more than $250.

But it was not over yet.

The man calmly told them to remove the SIM cards from their handphones and give him their phones, Mr Tan claimed.

They estimated that their handphones were worth about $600.

Then he allegedly threatened them again, saying: 'You can scream if you want, go ahead. But I can't promise you'll be okay after this.'

Then the man asked for Mr Tan's Seiko watch.

Mr Tan said: 'It was a cheap watch, maybe worth $80, but what would he want with it? Then he threatened us again and I thought, what the heck, money and things we can earn back, but safety is more important.'

Said software tester John Yap, 20: 'I was getting very frustrated, but we couldn't do anything. We tried looking around to signal people for help, but they passed us without looking. What if we screamed and no one bothered?'

Besides, Mr Yap could not run far because of a thigh surgery he had undergone eight months ago.


IT technician KY Ng, 20, added: 'Three of us could have held him down, sure no problem. But what happens if his gang members are around, like he said? At that time, we cared more for our lives.'

So the three gave in to the man.

After that, the man told them to return to Singapore.

The three claimed that the man threatened them again, saying that if they lodged a police report, they may not be able to return safely.

So they made their way back to the Causeway.

Said Mr Ng: 'All the while we were looking behind us. Even though we didn't see the man, who knows if there were others from his gang watching us?'

When they reached Singapore, they went to the nearest police post hoping to lodge a report.

Said Mr Tan: 'They advised us to file the report in JB because that is where the crime happened. They told us we can still lodge a report in Singapore but they would still need to contact JB police to help.'

A police spokesman confirmed that the three had approached the Bukit Panjang North NPP but did not make a report eventually.

Mr Tan said: 'We thought about it and decided not to because we don't think we'll get anything back anyway.'

Will they return to JB?

'I don't think so. We were all cautious, but we still 'kena' (got hit in Malay),' said Mr Tan.

'When you're in a foreign country, it's even more scary because you don't know where to look for help.

'Sure, I've been reading reports about people getting robbed in JB, but I didn't think it would happen to me on that Saturday. This incident is very 'suay' (unlucky in Hokkien).'

Mr Ng added: 'I won't go back there, not for a long time.'

WAHAHAHAHA!!!! So 乖乖 and so obedient! This type of sillyzens where else in the world can find?! People threaten say don't make police report then they also listen! Are they fucking idiots and retarded?! SAF has this doctrine that says engage in combat when you are assured of numerical superiority of 3 to 1 or more. Hahahaha!!! I salute these 3 'well trained' soldiers who will start their 10 yrs cycle of reservist soon. Simi lanjiao specs ops training lah, 3G army lah, IPPT lah, all for fuck?! One unarmed old jiu hu fart is enough to make three fighting fit soldiers from the Shitpore Ass Force to wet their pants and surrender! Hahaha!!!

Oh and the most retarded thing of all. The three did decide to make a police report... but in S'pore and not JB! Hahahaha!!!

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