Tuesday, March 04, 2008

The missing van

It's been a week and the JI dude is still at large. And the much vaunted security forces and their foreign talents (Gurkhas) have nothing to show for their unprecedented effort.

There was a report of a stolen vehicle, a SingPost van stolen on the day of the escape several hours before Mas Selemat's breakout on 27 Feb at 4:05pm (heck! is the breakout time even accurate?). The report said that the police were not ruling it out as a possible lead in the Mas Selamat investigation.

I posted in Yawningbread's blog...

I think now the gahmen needs to search for 2 things:

1. Mas Selemat
2. the missing SingPost van

Are the two events related?
If they are not how come until now they cannot locate the van?

The longer they cannot locate van, the more likelihood the 2 are connected.

Even if the 2 incidents are not related. If up till now they cannot even locate a missing van, what are the chances of locating a supposedly highly-trained fugitive on the run??

We know the authorities have already failed miserably on their detention competence. But now the missing van can be used as a benchmark to assess their search and locate competence. And that is already setting the benchmark very low liao hahaha!


Anonymous said...

hi rec ong,

i intend 2 write letter 2 e state times forum 2 complain abt e meagre NS allowance and hw ICT&RT is screwing up e lives and employment opportunities of spore' males. Pls ask ur frens 2 support me hor in case e col benadick wan 2 cut off my lan cheow. BTW, I will b enlisting nxt wk but i must be brave & fight 4 e monetary rites of my comrades.HAHA

Recruit Ong said...

wah u enlisting only ah.. good luck liao. Remember everything be kiasu and don't be a hero. Anything happens to u SAF is not going to compensate you one.

i heard dat bend-dick paper colonel is no longer the mindef pubic affairs spokesperson liao. All run jiao useless one lah.

Anonymous said...

e stupid state times did not even bother to publish my letter.KNNBCCB!!!Maybe those MINDEATH and PAP scums are afraid of losing their lan sai jobs.Nvm, i can ask my frens and parents 2 voice it out on enlistment day . Anyway, we belong 2 e 33.3% so there is nothing to be scared off.

Anonymous said...

hi rec ong,
Do u know some of the best methods to chao keng and slack in NS since u proclaimed tat u are a keng king?

Recruit Ong said...

yo anon 10:25pm,

in SAF, just like in sillypore, got $$$ win liao. Want to siam and chao keng in SAF must go all the way, no half measures.

me poor and not garang enough, so only downgrade a bit, still got the run jiao reservist.

Anonymous said...

Aiyoh... Pity the poor guardsmen and police NSFs... Innocent victims awaiting weekend bookout but kena burnt cos Mud Selamat zhao lor...

Mud Selamat ah, repent for your sins... Later Allah cast you to Merdeka Dunia (hell in Malay or whatever its called, i stand to be corrected)..