Thursday, March 27, 2008

We made the 2003 arrest?

One month after the famous "Toilet Break", there is still no sign of the limping tellolis, and the poodles are nowhere close to even sniffing his trail.

Being able to escape is already
unimaginable. But failing to capture him after one long month of unprecedented island wide security dragnet is simply unforgivable!

Today something in the front page of ST caught my eye. It is a blurb from the man responsible for the worst security blunder in our nation's history.

"The best available information from our own sources and from our foreign security and intelligence partners suggests that Mas Selemat is still hiding in Singapore. These partners are the same entities which helped us arrest him when he was hiding abroad in 2003."

- Deputy PM Wong Kan Seng

I think Mr Wong has to be corrected here.

Mas Selemat was caught by the Indonesians, and then handed over to us. We did not catch or arrest him in 2003. The Indonesians did, not us. We certainly did not fly over to Indonesia to catch him. To somehow twist the sentence to make it sound like we made the 2003 arrest is completely misleading.. and rather shameless.

Indeed the Indonesians have just said that if this time Mas Selemat is caught, he will not be handed over to S'pore. Of course Mr Wong did not respond to that statement, and our compliant media did not ask him. LOL ~

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Anonymous said...

His ignorance is clearly a result of munching on too many fortune cookies with his rising and already obscene paycheck.


Cheers mate