Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Reservist conversation

Derek came out from his reservist liao. I was drinking teh with him last night at Hong Lim hawker center and as usual lah we kpkb about SAF...

Derek: you know or not, nowadays SAF got a lot of surveys.

Me: yah lah, once a while cookhouse survey lor, ask whether the food nice or lousy.

Derek: no lah, not dat kind, we all reservists they ask us what we think of SAF and S’pore

Me: hahaha i know your answer liao, but this type thing ppl will tell the truth meh?

Derek: confidential one, no need to put name or anything

Me: chey lidat where got use, wat kind of questions leh?

Derek: they ask whether we got confidence in SAF’s training?

Me: haha

Derek: ask if we think SAF is a capable fighting force?

Me: hahaha... some more?

Derek: the best one, ask whether we will fight for Singapore?

Me: HAHAHA... *chokes on teh* so wat u put?

Derek: strongly disagree lor, who the fuck will fight for the PAP?!


Derek: trick question ok, they wan to bluff who..

Me: haha how come they ask reservists this ah? why not ask the regulars??

Derek: bcoz really got war they won’t sacrifice the regulars?

Me: knn...

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