Tuesday, March 20, 2007

China TV programmes

China, an authoritarian state not unlike SG, has a more liberal and progressive media that puts Mediacorpse and the MICA to shame.

Don't believe? Just watch the clips below taken from a talk show call '鲁豫有约' on Phoenix TV or 凤凰卫视. It is a heart warming story of a gay couple in China. Other than the taboo subject itself, the show displays great understanding of the universal human condition of love and yearning which applies to both gays and straight people. I think such shows are wonderful becos it reaches out to people and helps improve understanding of our fellow human being and remove prejudices.

Btw i find the female host 陈鲁豫 is quite cute and pretty leh hehehe...

Part One

Part Two

凤凰卫视 is available on Cable but i dunno whether this episode has ever been shown here. But for sure you will never see such programmes on our local channels. And that says a lot about the close mindedness of those people up there really.

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