Thursday, July 19, 2007

From homosexuality to single ward...

July 19, 2007
MP should reflect people's views on homosexuality, not only his own

I WOULD like to comment on the MP for Tanjong Pagar GRC, Mr Baey Yam Keng's, stand on homosexuality.

Let me first remind him that as the representative of the people of Tanjong Pagar, although only one part of five, he is supposed to reflect their views in Parliament and not only his personal ones.

When he goes on his walkabouts and when he gathers feedback from his constituents , he should try and find out what they think.

The recent polls by MediaCorp's Research Consultants reveal a very interesting statistic. A total of 62 per cent of the population feel that there is no room for homosexuals in Singapore

Maybe at the next election, Mr Baey should ask for a single constituency ward, make known his stand on homosexuality and his opposition to Section 377A and see how it turns out.

Kenneth Vaithilingam

"No room for homosexuals in Singapore" the writer says, citing a dubious statistic from Mediacorpse. Wahhh, so what does he intend to do with gays? Jail them? Deport them??

The other thing he says is the best. He says Baey the MP doesn't represent Sgians' view wor... hahaha. Just only Baey meh?? Tg Pagar GRC is a walkover constituency. PAP MPs like Baey, Koo Sai Ki Lan and LKY stroll into parliament without a fight. I will really like to see not just Baey, but the Koo Sai Ki Lan and LKY whether all of them have the balls to stand in single constituency wards at the next election.

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