Monday, July 28, 2008

After LKY's recent self-pawn acts (court room & IBA flip flops), it is time for some damage control. And who better to carry out this public relations task than the very experienced GCT.

July 26, 2008
Our goal: Strong govt, responsible opposition
SM Goh says politics here must evolve but not in a way leading to division or chaos

By Jeremy Au Yong

SINGAPORE'S political system must change to keep pace with an evolving society, said Senior Minister Goh Chok Tong on Saturday night.

While conceding that the 'status quo cannot last forever', he noted that certain things must not change.

'Whatever the refinements we may make to our political system down the road, some core principles must remain the same,' he said.

'One, any changes must be fair to all parties and give them an equal chance to contest and win; two, they must not lead to democratic chaos and politics of division; and three, they must not put Singapore's unity and harmony, growth and prosperity and long-term interests at risk.'

He was speaking at the National Day dinner in the opposition-held Hougang ward, returning there for the first time since the 2006 General Election.

'Ideally, our political system should facilitate the emergence of a strong, effective government after every election and a responsible, constructive opposition,' he added.

'But...there is no guarantee because it depends on whether good, honest and competent people come forward to stand for elections and the wisdom of the electorate when they cast their ballot.'

IMO Sg politics will only evolve after a certain octogenarian leaves the scene.

Goh makes a lot of general remarks. But they sound hollow to me. His 'goal' is whose goal? PAP's? He also talks about the "wisdom of the electorate", which really is just another way of saying what this man said about mad voters hehehe..


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