Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Playing with numbers

In page A4 of the States Times, the article on inflation puts a positive spin on rising inflation rate. It says...
Some relief expected as July price rises ease to 6.5% after 26-year high

But on page B5, coverage of parliament news in the article 'Feisty exchange over aid for poorest households' at the bottom of the article it says...
The exchange took place as the Trade and Industry Ministry released figures that showed rising prices in the first half of this year had hit the bottom 20% per cent of Singaporeans the hardest. They faced an inflation rate of 7.4 per cent in the first half of this year, as compared to 6.9 per cent for the middle 60 percent and top 20 percent of households by income.

So in other words the bottom 20% of household by income suffered 7.4% inflation while the rest suffered 6.9%. So how is the earlier 6.5% derived?

But this is the States Times, very credible one according to the PAP. So who am I to doubt the numbers haha..

(Btw the 26-year high inflation number is 7.5% according to Bloomberg. So a drop from 7.5% to 7.4% must be credited to the unique and extraordinary competence of the PAP garment lah hehe..

Also on page B5, news on upcoming public transport fare hikes changes.
The distance-based system will cut transport bills for four in 10 commuters who make transfers on their journeys now.

While MPs welcome this, they remain concerned that commuters who take direct services might end up paying more.

Isn't this a case of robbing Peter to pay Paul? The other 6 pays more, and end result you can bet yet more revenue for the transport operators. Once again what the pap garment has shown itself to be very good at is to keep the money within a pool, like the compulsory annuities like that. The garment itself does not come out a single cent, yet end up skimming a little for itself hahaha! sibei lan jiao sia!

Bus and train ridership are up like never before, but fares have been increasing every year whereas service standards have declined. Already twice this month i encountered two train disruptions on the East-West Line. One of which all the commuters had to vacate the train and wait for the next service. At all times of the day now, even 11pm on weekday nights, the trains are packed like sardines, and everyone i speak to tells me the situation is getting worse. Sometimes it is so packed until the aircon like not working, hot and stuffy... maybe the aircon really not working! The transport operators are making profits like never before, and they have the cheek to raise fares? KNNBCCB!

i started off writing this post in a cheery mood.. but now lim peh hot liao.. KNN!


Anonymous said...



Lekut, mai kong chow wei, a sei bei?

But I agree with your comments! : )

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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stranger said...

actually ar i oso got bad bus ride experience.the driver hor always wait till traffic lights gonna become red den go de leh.at 1st i tot got car coming his lane so he dint move,until i hear pple kpkb behind den i look.wa lao eh really got car but not going his lane yet he oso slows down.sibei dulan eh.service really drop,but den agian in singapore they are only providers so how to complain?

Anonymous said...

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