Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Kangaroos felt scandalised...

Oct 15, 2008
A-G takes trio to court for 'scandalising judiciary'
'Kangaroo in judge's robe' T-shirt at centre of case
By Goh Chin Lian

According to the AGC, the three men had 'scandalised the Singapore Judiciary by publicly wearing identical white T-shirts, imprinted with a palm-sized picture of a kangaroo dressed in a judge's gown, within and in the vicinity of the New Supreme Court Building'.

By this, they meant to imply the Court was a kangaroo court, it added.

A kangaroo court is generally understood as being a court characterised by unauthorised or irregular procedures, or sham and unfair legal proceedings, noted the AGC. It also said Tan made his 'This is a kangaroo court' remark as MM Lee walked past him outside Court 4B.

Tan was also responsible, it added, for the appearance of an article, 'Police question activists over kangaroo T-shirts', and a photo of the trio in the T-shirts on the SDP website on July 27.

'The article and the photograph...were meant to give wider publicity to their allegation that the Court was a kangaroo court,' said the AGC.

It accused them of engaging in a 'deliberate and calculated course of action to impugn the reputation of and undermine public confidence in the Singapore Judiciary, and to lower its authority in the administration of justice in Singapore'.

Lawyers interviewed said it was the first time they had heard of a contempt of court case involving the wearing of T-shirts.

"Who you calling a kangaroo?" *uurp*

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