Monday, November 21, 2005

Funny letter by a bitch!

This morning i saw this letter appear in the 148th forum page...

Nov 21, 2005
NSmen make a mockery of chivalry

ON NOV 11 at about 11.15am, a mother with three young boys in tow boarded the train at Clementi MRT station heading towards the city.

It was crowded and they were standing next to me while holding the vertical railing. Seated in front of us were five physically fit national servicemen in Singapore Civil Defence Force uniform.

After passing two stations, the youngest boy, aged about seven, began to squat and I could see he was tired and unwell. I asked the nearest NSman to offer his seat. Instead, he turned to his friend on his right, asked why he should give up his seat and offered his lap instead. His amused friend also offered his lap.

Then came the final straw when they started patting their laps, not so much to emphasise their point as to mock us.

It was pathetic to see the NSmen seated while the boy remained squatting throughout the journey. Finally, the family got a few empty seats at Outram MRT station.

Failing to assist is bad enough but making a mockery of the situation is worse as it is a provocation in itself.

Ting Lan Inn

Knn this Ting Lan Inn must be a female Sinkie. Fuck you understand! KNNBCCB!!!
Cheebye woman you were there sitting down right? Why you never give up your seat ah?! You feel so fucking indignant issit?! Then you fucking practice wat you preach before you open you cunt mouth and tell others wat to do understand?!!!

Orrr i know lah, you woman mah... Hey fuck you cunt bitch!! You fucking go and serve your cheebye NS first before your cunt mouth. Do you know what it is like to serve NS? Fucking chow cheebye! I bet you are an overweight fat lump of lard ass that's why you can't move that fat ass of yours right?!! You deserved to be mocked you piece of shit! Notice the two NSmen don't even bother reply to you, that is how worthless you are! Get it?! I am sure you must be a dumb fuck PAP supporter also, kena brainwashed by all the shit about gender equality and woman's charter bullshit.

Now you so farking free to write letter to complain? You are asking to be flamed and this is my reply to you!

If i was there i would tell you to mind your fucking business you cunt!! I hope you get breast cancer just like the 148th female repoter call Chua cheebye or something!
As for the two NSmen... steady lah brudders! I salute you!! Hahahaha!!!

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Anonymous said...

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