Friday, November 04, 2005

Let's fine uncivil shoppers...

A freelance writer call Tang Li contributed this article to Today. This guy i see his name already a few times in the paper liao, quite regular one i think.

Okay lah so i read read a bit, and today he talk about service culture in S'pore... poor service lah, blame S'poreans as horrible customers lah, basically repeating what the cheebye gahmen have brought up not so long ago. So he talk and talk and talk, i a bit sian already, nothing new leh, KNN just repeat what people already know. Lidat i also can write and be a freelance writer sia!

And then he reach one point he asked "So what can be done?" Aha! I thought finally he is going to offer his important input... and he wrote "For a start, more competition is needed within industries. This should bring the products on par with each other. Once this happens, service will become a defining factor."
Chey, nothing new also leh, even I also know, but cheebye this is S'pore leh where got real competition one. KNN i every month see my handphone and internet bills also toolan. Watch tv and cable also pissed off, like nothing to watch lidat.

Nevermind I read on first... and wah lao eh, ho seh liao! Tang Li mentioned two company that has improved according to him. Yellow Pages and this Goldbell Engineering. Wat the fuck??!! Is he trying to carry balls or wat?? Yellow Pages is out of sight out of mind, and worse is this Goldball is like knn also dunno wat the fuck they do one! Talk about giving free advertisement and publicity, trying to angkat sia! Hahahaha!!

But not say i want to say lah, this Tang Li is really hor kao kan type. After wasting so much time talking cock, his last two paragraphs really make him the cheebye champion.

"Perhaps, it is also time for the Government to look into the cost of being ungracious and pass it on to the ungracious. Just as the Government has looked into the cost of social ills such as smoking and littering and passed on the costs to consumers by way of higher taxes and fines, perhaps the same could be done for ungracious behaviour. Since courtesy campaigns have obviously not been as effective as we would like, perhaps we should contemplate fines and taxes to make people more polite and pleasant to each other."

This kind of things he say confirm plus chop make him one stupid KNNBCCB motherfucker. Want to fine people again?? Use money to scare people?? Then if still don't work then jail them issit?? Knn this type of thing people read liao also dunno whether to laught or cry! Fucking gahmen already make S'pore machiam like a police state, add another lan cheow law will solve the problem meh?? Fucking Today even print this article, KNN editors also must be the same cheebye stupid fucks!!

Anyway this what the fucker Tang Li looks like... Wahahaha!! What a fucking ugly loser! Agree anot? One look you know confirm is the brainless spineless type. Almost wan to pity him, Hahahaha!!!

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