Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Part of your life

Recently there is this bus stop advertisement for the 140th Straits Times you can see all over the place. It shows a family with the father and his two young kids happily reading the papers.

Of course the Shit Times is part of S'poreans' lives. S'poreans have no choice bcoz its a fucking monopoly!

But take a closer look at the poster and you will see something interesting. Look at what is printed on the papers itself at the bottom of the poster...

See it? A lightning logo!! Damn obvious right?? Hahahaha! But it is very appropriate. Everyone knows that the PAP wants to be part of your lives! It wants to dominate S'poreans and their minds, make them think that without the PAP life will be impossible! Thru propaganda sheets like the Shit Times and TODAY the PAP purposely blurs the line between political party, govt, and country... until the three are interchangeable and when S'poreans think of country and govt they straight away associate it with the Pay And Pay party. So if you criticize the PAP it means you are criticising the country and therefore you are unpatriotic or a traitor! This is the kind of shit propaganda they have been planting for decades in our minds. And now the Shit Times is subconciously brainwashing you that they are the PAP, so if you criticise them you are criticising the PAP, the govt and the country, and you are a traitor! HAHAHA!

Whether the logo is intentionally put there in the advertisement or not I dunno lah. But how can the advertising people or SPH not see it? So can it be just coincidence or a little joke? I don't think so, I think it is deliberate and those PAP dogs in SPH want it this way.

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