Monday, July 03, 2006

Mr Brown tio kan liao

This morning i read the TODAY, KNN really make my blood boil. That chao cheebye is writing shit and crap again, this time trying to angkat bollah the SAF. Hey Ephraim, fuck you mothercheebyebastard!!! Go suck the defence minister cock lah! Why don't you fucking go sign on be a ranjiao regular? You cannot even pass your fucking IPPT so mai gong ranjiao wei and mouth talk balls shiok! The whole Singapore knows you are a PAP running dog scum. Chao cheebye if lim peh finds out which reservist unit you are in KNN i ask my friends to tekan and give you blanket party until you really hor gao kan and cannot bookout and write ass-licking shit letters again! Reflect on that you piece of dog turd with lorry-langar face HAHAHA!

hehe sibei song... i know Ephraim you are lurking and reading this, so fuck you mothercheebyebastardranjiao one more time!!! Have you gone for plastic surgery or not, your lanjiao face whole world know liao so better careful hor? MUAHAHAHA!!


OK now coming back to Mr Brown... Last week the fucking greedy PAP gahmen announce they Profits No Enough again, want to raise taxi fares and electricity bills. Then come Oct bus fares also going up liao. Hear this kind of lanjiao news who won't be angry? Unless you are one of those useless PAP ministers and their jiat liao bee prata man gang then dun say. So Mr Brown wrote a not-so-funny article and TODAY published it. And today the PAP gahmen Ministry of Propaganda shoot one angry reply back...

Distorting the truth, mr brown?
When a columnist becomes a 'partisan player' in politics

Letter from K BHAVANI
Press Secretary to the Minister for Information, Communications and the Arts

Your mr brown column, "S'poreans are fed, up with progress!" (June 30) poured sarcasm on many issues, including the recent General Household Survey, price increases in electricity tariffs and taxi fares, our IT plans, the Progress Package and means testing for special school fees.

The results of the General Household Survey were only available after the General Election. But similar data from the Household Expenditure Survey had been published last year before the election.

There was no reason to suppress the information. It confirmed what we had told Singaporeans all along, that globalisation would stretch out incomes.

mr brown must also know that price increases in electricity tariffs and taxi fares are the inevitable result of higher oil prices.

These were precisely the reasons for the Progress Package — to help lower income Singaporeans cope with higher costs of living.

Our IT plans are critical to Singapore's competitive position and will improve the job chances of individual Singaporeans. It is wrong of mr brown to make light of them.

As for means testing for special school fees, we understand mr brown's disappointment as the father of an autistic child. However, with means testing, we can devote more resources to families who need more help.

mr brown's views on all these issues distort the truth. They are polemics dressed up as analysis, blaming the Government for all that he is unhappy with. He offers no alternatives or solutions. His piece is calculated to encourage cynicism and despondency, which can only make things worse, not better, for those he professes to sympathise with.

mr brown is entitled to his views. But opinions which are widely circulated in a regular column in a serious newspaper should meet higher standards. Instead of a diatribe mr brown should offer constructive criticism and alternatives. And he should come out from behind his pseudonym to defend his views openly.

It is not the role of journalists or newspapers in Singapore to champion issues, or campaign for or against the Government. If a columnist presents himself as a non-political observer, while exploiting his access to the mass media to undermine the Government's standing with the electorate, then he is no longer a constructive critic, but a partisan player in politics.

The fucking greedy PAP minister and their useless civil servant dogs are really 强词夺理 and 无耻下贱. Want to shoot reply also use some brains and EQ lah. The entire reply so many glaring loopholes and crap logic until I also tired to point them out. Sometimes I wonder these idiots are paid so much money for fuck?! Just keep going round in circles and spewing the same vomit from the past 20 years they think will convince S'poreans? And the best part of this no-do-NS bitch Bhavani's reply is the last para - if she says Mr Brown is a partisan player in politics, than what about herself who holds and spews her PAP master's views and politics? That's not biased and partisan?? If she and her master wants people to offer solutions and alternatives then they should give up their huge salaries paid by S'porean taxpayers. They expect freebies?! This is Singapore, stupid! And Mr Brown should charge them 5% GST for his effort and a further 10% surcharge for "rising costs due to higher oil prices". HAHAHAHA!!

And the saddest thing of all is this: just about everyone knows who Mr Brown is. Yet Bhavani "pretends" she doesn't know and wants Mr Brown to 'step out'. This is yet another standard old trick by the PAP designed to discredit those who hold different views from them. It only works in the traditional media environment which the PAP has 100% control. So Mr Brown should just ignore her and the Ministry of Propaganda's 140th media, instead respond in kind via their highly popular podcasts and see the minister of propaganda and his Bhavani bitch lan lan suck thumb! The internet rules and the PAP can do jack shit about it! HAhahah!

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