Thursday, June 29, 2006

Leonard Thomas got problem

This is about the World Cup match, France 3 - 1 Spain. But this article by Leonard Thomas wants to focus on one issue - racism.

He begins his tirade with this...

How apt that Vieira silences the exciting Spaniards and their distasteful coach

"I don't care much for Luis Aragones. There is an ugliness about the veteran coach, the acrid stench of a racist follows him everywhere he goes, after he disgracefully called Thierry Henry a "black shit".

Imagine the delight when Spain were knocked out of the World Cup, of all teams by Henry's France".

This event happened more than a year ago at least. It made the headlines all over for a while and Aragones was condemned from all quarters. He later apologized to Henry and the chapter closed. So now for Leonard Thomas to harp on this again shows that it bothers him more than the subject of the racist remark. I mean why make a headline and raise this issue again when nothing in the pre-match buildup, on or off-field incidents or anything during the entire World Cup so farjustifies this reporting slant? Come on let's move on, man! Leonard Thomas btw is a "dark complexioned" ABNN.

Further down he wrote...

"I imagine there will be demons in the mind of 67-year-old Aragones for some time. He will wonder how the team could not capitalise on Villa's penalty to sink the French once and for all.

He will curse the superb work of Patrick Vieira, who split open the Spanish defence for Franck Ribery's equaliser."

Wah this guy got imagination man! He is now putting words in the Spanish's mouth, saying Aragones will curse Viera. What kind of writing is this? Why is Leonard Thomas so spiteful and full of hatred?? Further on...

"As coach, Aragones is probably top quality. He had the courage to drop golden boy Raul and was unafraid to blood youngsters. But, hopefully, this defeat will end his tenure in charge of Spain.

The country breathes football, there are many other top coaches who would jump at the chance of guiding this team. Especially when they are capable of hitting such stirring heights. Such beauty should not be stained by a racist.

There was a moment in the match on Tuesday that I will never forget. After a tackle involving Vieira, Aragones was so incensed he got off the bench to scream his protestations. Staring at the Spanish coach, wearing a dismissive look, Vieira put finger to lips to send his message across. It riled up the combative Spaniard even more, but he was so powerless."

Again someone who didn't watch the match and just reading his article would be fooled into believing his description of events and what happened. This is damn biased and unprofessional. I mean is there a point to all that?? Is it football writing or just some petty but vicious personal attack? What is Leonard Thomas trying to incite? Does he have a hidden agenda?? Wah lao eh, buay tahan man! Luckily he ended off soon after that, but with this...

"On Tuesday night, Frenchman Vieira, black of Senegalese stock, performed the matchwinner's role magnificently. And it was just as satisfying."

KNNBCCB! Confirm liao lor! Chee bye kia Thomas obviously have an inferiority complex or something. No he is not racist, but obviously he is suffering from ultra-sensitive-racist complex whatever you call that. He wrote a lousy article that is really a badly disguised personal vendetta against Aragones... I mean he probably has never met Aragones face to face or talked to him yet he is so set and agry against Aragones. Really a lousy and unprofessional reporter!!

I notice quite a number of "dark-complexioned" people seems to carry this burden with them. Dunno why. I mean if you are brown you are brown, you are yellow you are yellow, white, pink, black whatever. You cannot deny that humans can differentiate colours and yes the first thing the eyes pick up are the colours and shapes before anything else. Everyone knows this, no need to say one. Wonder why someone like Leonard Thomas just cannot seem to move on?? I mean give it a rest dude. If want to rant, then start a blog like chow recruit here, otherwise dun waste ink and let the trees die for nothing.

Sometimes i think the real racists out there are the super sensitive ones, becoz they are so sensitive to the extent that they become intolerant and invade the space of others (e.g. that person who complain of dogs taking taxis). Fuck man! Might as well ban words like black, brown and so on! Duh.

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