Thursday, June 01, 2006


Smells like bullshit, so must fan fan away the odour... -_-"

At the annual PR Academy conference yesterday, Dr Lee told reporters: "We have no cause to take any action on anybody … You don't go around with a heavy hammer knocking everybody, just for the slightest infringement. We look at the consequences and we look at the intent."

Mr Cock-eye Lee, it's not you don't want to. It's becos if you do you will make yourself look even more stupid. So don't come and pretend to be 大方 now.

Conceding that the jury is still out on whether the Government was right in its cautious approach, Dr Lee said: "While podcasts and videocasts for political advertisements were disallowed during the election period, political parties were able to make their presence felt in cyberspace by making good use of their websites to publicise their programmes. This was on top of the ample coverage given by the mainstream media."

Wahahaha!!! Ample coverage?? Come smell my ass lah u fucking liar!

He said that during his campaigning, a friend sent him the podcast created by bloggers mr brown and Mr Miyagi that poked fun at the James Gomez incident. "I enjoyed it too and had a good laugh," said Dr Lee.

Calling it symptomatic of the Internet, he added: "I must congratulate mr brown … for his funny and clever work … (but) while podcasts can be very entertaining, it would be dangerous if important decisions such as electing representatives to Parliament were based on which side can make the most funny video or podcast." While he accepted the argument that a free flow of information would allow people to form their own opinion, Dr Lee said it was valid only if the information was reliable and accurate.

Who the fuck is going to make decisions based on funny jokes?? Mr Lee really thinks this way? Then not only does he has a cock eye he also has a cock brain. Wait, this is a trick! It's a deliberate bullshit logic that PAP uses all the time - create the most absurd or extreme logic, attribute it to the other side, then suddenly your own position becomes very credible and easy to defend. Knn even a chao recruit can see thru your pattern lah!

"I think those of you who are familiar with the Internet would agree that there are many people who use their websites and blogs to put out malicious and false information in order to further their own agendas. It may not be easy to sort out the enlightening from the confusing which ought to be destined for the trash can."

Said Dr Lee: "Such stories might be completely untrue but how do we rebut it on the Internet and get a correction carried on hundreds of blogs, bulletins and chatrooms which rapidly propagated such lies?"

Wait, you can sue what, PAP's favourite pattern what! Your emperor master say one leh.. if don't sue then it's true leh. So what are you waiting for?? Unless *gasp* those "lies" are true! Hahahaha!

Nonetheless, Dr Lee said the Government fully understood the mood among the youth who see blogging as their right.

"We have adopted a light touch approach in dealing with the everyday use of the Internet. We will continue to do so and accept that the Internet and new media will remain largely a free-for-all. However during the election period when such free-for-all may result in undesirable situations, we cannot take a completely hands-off approach."

Light touch ma ass!!! Don't talk like u can do something about it but you won't. Wah so kind ah?? The fact is you CAN'T or DON'T DARE to do anything about it, moron! So stop farting through your mouth hor.

"The Government will not compromise its position," said Dr Lee. "We will not risk the precious racial and religious harmony which underpins
Singapore's stability and progress."

Yawnzzz... the same old stale line about stability and progress again. Can come up with something new anot? Knn buay sian one ah? The only risk is that a quitter like you who is paid to look stupid and say stupid things don't dare to risk your millions dollar paycheck from the lanjiao Leegime!

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