Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Another death during training

Another slave up lorry loh... but he stupid enough to sign on with the most bloated, wayang and cannot-make-it organisation in S'pore, can only blame himself. Sad for his loved ones though. ~sigh~

Commando dies during training

A Commando regular officer died yesterday after encountering difficulties while undergoing training at Hendon Camp swimming pool.

Lieutenant Lionel Lin Shi Guan, 24, was swimming towards the edge of the pool when he went below the surface of the water.

The instructor, who was next to him in the water, lifted him up and took him to the edge of the pool where immediate medical attention was rendered.

But LTA Lin began vomiting and passed out. He was then rushed to the Hendon Medical Centre at 4.05pm where two doctors attempted to resuscitate him. LTA Lin was evacuated to Changi General Hospital at 4.10pm and arrived at 4.25pm. He was pronounced dead at 4.59pm.

Mindef will also be conducting an inquiry to ascertain the circumstances and the cause of death.

Mindef and the Singapore Armed Forces extend their condolences to the family of the late LTA Lin, and will be assisting the family in their time of grief.

I like the way MINDEF describes what is most likely a drowning. "Encountering difficulties while training..." sounds like no one except the bugger himself's fault. Some questions that must be asked of MINDEF: What kind of training is it? Why did he go under the water? Were there no signs of trouble? Vomiting and passing out meant he obviously took in water. What were the instructors and Conducting and Safety Officers doing all this while? What time did the incident occur and how long did they take to get him proper medical attention? Were the medical attention adequate and up to standard??

Oh well just another day in this sunny paradise. So smile some more for little Lee! Hahaha

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