Tuesday, June 06, 2006

The Pasir Ris robbery

This happened last week in S’pore. The driver of a van was knocked unconscious and the van’s cargo of 2,700 hand phones robbed. Within a week all 10 suspects either were arrested or had surrendered. After all this is a small island, unless they run road to Malaysia or else sure get caught very fast.

But yesterday got new development. The van driver up lorry liao. So now police want to charge the 10 robbers with murder.

Wah sibei suay loh... those robbers must be thinking, "knn why the van driver so 不争气, hit his head a bit only mati liao, nabei..."

But seriously hor, murder charge in S’pore carries the penalty of death sentence, so dun pray pray. But what I dun understand is this, how come the charge is murder? Why not manslaughter? Because obviously the 10 suspects’ intention is robbery and not murder, meaning the death of the van driver is not premeditated mah.

Knn the two cases recently of people kena chopped up into pieces, the S’porean man kena charged for murder, but the Filipina woman one classified as manslaughter. Boh liew leh!? How come lidat?? Man and woman different treatment issit? If a person accidentally killed someone and then later chopped up the body into pieces, and this is only manslaughter (误杀), then surely a robbery gone wrong where an innocent fellow accidentally kicked the bucket (almost a week later and body 100% not chopped up) should at the very very VERY most be manslaughter also lor. The intention behind the deed is very clearly not murder (谋杀) mah.

Anyway S'pore justice very "interesting" one. Will keep an eye on this case...


Mezzo said...

No lah.. maybe it's just the preliminary.. the police probably charge big first sekali later charges kenah reduce. You want 1 thing, must first ask for 10.

What I want to know is this: what kind of handphone? Were they collected as criminal evidence? Are there policemen now walking ard with Nokia n70s??

Anonymous said...

I think they said is Sony Ericsson phones. Also the men are said to be Indians. If they are foreigners perhaps the death penalty will escape them. :)