Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Dr Lee on organ trading

A few weeks ago the ST printed some letters about supporting organ trading. Personally I am against it. Mainly because of the potential abuse and profiteering it can lead to. Besides who is going to look after the organ trade? The gahment? MOH?? Haha they have already failed with NKF, so what makes anyone think they can handle something that is as murky (and lucrative) as organ trading. In fact i think they will have problems with the casino... but i digress.

Today Dr Lee, a proponent for organ trading, has this to say.

Feb 6, 2007
An organ is no different from a life-saving drug

THE debate about allowing the sale of organs has revealed an amusing aspect of human nature: 'If my welfare is not compromised, I can afford to espouse the politically correct view', human organs are sacred and should not be traded like a commodity.

Hmm I find her tone a bit hao lian leh...

However, the cold reality is that there are people suffering and dying because no organ is available in Singapore. These patients do not think it wrong that they buy an organ.

A similar situation is where pharmaceutical companies require strong laws upholding their patents to survive and make a profit. This is a major incentive for them to set up factories and do

R & D in Singapore. They spend millions, and sometimes billions, to create new drugs. Patents allow them to make back their money. Otherwise, new cures may not be found.

On the other hand, the patients who can benefit from but cannot afford these new drugs which are still protected by patents rant, rave and, in certain countries, riot because they feel their health is more important than economic justice.

But organ trading is in fact very different from a drug. It is just harvesting instead of creating, manufacturing or finding a cure.

I suggest that we be cool- headedly but compassionately logical. What makes an organ more sacred than a medical device or medicine that can save a life? The supplier of the organ or the pharmaceutical company producing the new drug must be appropriately remunerated or there would be no incentive to part with the organ or undertake the R & D required to produce a safe and effective drug.

She seems to be saying that those who disagree are illogical and not cool-headed or compassionate.. wah lao eh...

Whether the public and patients like it or not, these are the facts. Everyone stands to lose if we choose to ignore these facts and use arbitrary moral arguments to support a certain stance and enforce the illogical stance by law.

Assoc Prof Lee Wei Ling

While she talk about facts, she completely or conveniently ignored the arguments and points of views from the other side. What about the perils and potential loopholes if organ trading is legalised? She should at least address those views if she is so passionate about her cause. But instead she just keep drilling into her own points and bulldoze them across. I think she has the makings of a dictator! Hahahah!

Wah lucky she is not going into politics. So unlikely she will have her ways. But then she has her father's ears, so maybe i speak too soon...

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