Tuesday, January 30, 2007

BGR issue

Recently i got to know a charbor. Ok not say very chio, mai hiam buay pai type, can say slightly above average. Anyway after some initial chit chat here and there we went out twice. Also not say dates lah, just go out makan, watch a movie and walk around orchard road like thousands of other couples or couples-to-be... you look at me i look at you, checking each other's couple out hahaha.

So i admit a bit interested. Then i got her MSN and once a while we will talk cock on MSN. She already graduated and started working. Then recently on MSN the topic went into politics...

on NKF and Temasek...

Me: it is very unhealthy when the wealth of a nation is concentrated in the hands of one family, worse they seem to have something to hide, so unwilling to reveal anything
Her: as long as our cpf is there, with good interest rate, that's good
Me: isn't it better to be transparent if there is nothing to hide
Her: well if they r not public they r not oblige to give full report
Me: exactly like nkf isn't it? these r warning signs lor
Her: if u ask me, i think a corrupted govt eg philipines if they have a chance to have a company like gic, sure all the money will be gone and they will blame the downturn and say something they can't help it but i can see gic is continually making progress with new people and new investment opportunities
Me: .........
Her: i think i trust the lee
Me: right now no one even knows how GIC is doing, whether they r making or losing $$
Me: same goes for temasek
Her: true there is lack of transparency but to infer there is something to hide like nkf, that's very mean thing to say
Me: again if there is nothing hide, defend yourself, open your books for sgians scrutiny
Her: maybe they take high salaries and are not making money, and too embarassed to show
Her: they dont want people to be worried and disappointed
Me: rubbish then they r treating us like kids
Her: but you know gic is really run by top people from different discipline, not like nkf
Me: accountability means if u r not up to the job, u quit and someone else better do it
Me: i dun see ho ching quitting after all the bad biz decisions
Her: and let who take over? who can guarantee 100%?
Her: with such huge reserves, only can trust the elite and the honest
Her: i think that's why lky makes himself the chairman
Me: plse lah where got guarantee 100% profitability in the universe?
Me: let who takeover? how about george soros? how about waren buffet? they are world best and all proven men
Her: but those on board are also proven man
Her: tony tan is, so is dhanabalan
Me: (really buay tahan liao...) hey i go take shower liao :)
Her: ya sure
Me: bye
Her: yep bye

(end of session)

another time, on LHL...

Me: without his daddy he will never be PM
Her: well he is quite capable lah
Me: maybe capable as a bureaucrat, but as a politician and leader he cannot make it
Her: u sound like anti pap leh
Me: of cos i am, i belong to the 33.3
Her: what's that?
Me: the 33.3% who voted opposition
Her: oic
Her: with philip yeo in charge of biomed, the govt should have no worries
Me: philip yeo? HAHAHA!
Her: philip yeo is very capable leh, see what he did with edb
Me: i think we change topic lah, some things no point talking about
Her: what's wrong with philip yeo?
Me: oh many things wrong with him
Her: why he stepped on your toes izit?
Me: he stepped on all male sgian toes when he said male sgians are wimps! fuck him lah
Me: ah forget it lah

(end of 2nd chat session)

Last week we chatted on msn again and she wanted to come out watch movie, but i gave some excuse say not free. Then recently whenever i see her online i quickly go hide and put my status to offline. Dunno why all of a sudden very sian, no mood to talk to her liao. I dont think i want to take this relationship any further lor... I don't think I can carry out a normal conversation with a 66.6 anymore. Its really just a waste of time. And Derrick says the scary thing is dat many Sg gals are lidat... ignorant about current and world affairs. And most of them will vote for PAP. Progress Package can sponsor their latest dress and makeup they damn happy liao... fucking hell!


33.33% said...

Yah, many women are like that - they treat love life the same way as they treat politics:

- In love, they want a man who is "strong" in character, someone who can lead them, guide them, show them the world. In politics, they look for a dictator "strong"-man aka lky type. Something like cinderella looking a for prince to save her from misery.

- In love, they will "surrender" themselves to one man, be faithful to him and hope that he will reciprocate forever. Same in politics. Cinderella will not find two princes to simultaneously check and balance each other! It's either one man or the other, never both together. They don't understand the concept of a strong opposition.

- In love, if they dump their bf and go have another man, it is a big decision - a breakup. Same in politics. They will vote for one man, and forever be faithful to him every 5 years. If you tell them to vote for another, they view it as a "betrayal" to the first politician -- as if they are having a marital affair -- and will feel guilty!

- In love, they like good-looking pop-star idols and go gaga over such men. PAP knows that too. So PAP got Teo Ser Luck and other supposedly good-looking MP to woo these young female voters!

You talk to young girl already tulan. You should talk to ah soh. Lagi worse! They will cry and hug Chiam or his opponent Sitoh, as if the two of them are pop stars! They vote based on who is more caring, gentlemanly to them. They don't even care what Chiam has been doing in Parliament or whether voting Sitoh will result in less opposition to check the govt.

I give you one solution. You go find a girl who doesnt have too much strong opinion about things in general. Since such girls doesnt have much views about politics, we men can (a) be their teacher, (b) impress them with our thoughful insight. Women with strong opinion about things are problematic if their strong opinion are all wrong opinions :)

Anonymous said...

wah lan! i read alreadi wat you say so tok kong!
Maybe we should change to only man vote since they do blardy NS. women kan chik pi, cannot vote since no NS.. Also they don't give birth so only let them vote if they say kia. like that sillypore will become tok kong!

Anonymous said...

wonder you speak to her like what you type in this blog with all the KNNBCCB type....lolz

hey but i like it :)

Anonymous said...

hahaha...'''dat many Sg gals are lidat... ignorant about current and world affairs. And most of them will vote for PAP.'' i suppose you have been meeting all the wrong type of girls dude. there sure are quite a number of girls who are not so into PAP.. i noe.. cuz im one of them! lol

Ken Loh said...

I share your sentiments. I also had the "misfortune" of chatting on msn with a female friend suring the last elections. She works in a GLC and as you've probably guessed she's on the side of the PAP. What's worse is she also told me she was intending to join RC activities so as to make more contacts to help in her career and make her resume looks good. After a few rounds of "arguing" with her, I got so disgusted that I've decided to keep a distance from her and never chatted with her ever again.