Thursday, January 04, 2007

Stupid Grace

Sometimes I wonder at the amazing stupidity of some S'poreans...

Jan 4, 2007
No cause to doubt credibility of HDB

I do not think that it is justified to press the Housing Board for its land and construction costs or doubt its word that the flats are subsidised.

In the first place, Singaporeans are not obligated to buy HDB flats. If they suspect that the flats are not 'at market price', they can buy private apartments.

She reminds of Marie Antoinette. "Oh you are without food? How about some cakes then?"

However, the ongoing demand for the flats speaks for their market value. If a comparison were to be made, private apartments are still beyond the reach of the majority of Singaporeans.

Secondly, in view of the subsidy, owners should sell their flats back to HDB if they want to upgrade. However, HDB is good enough to allow owners to sell their flats in the open market and make a tidy profit.

What the fuck is she talking about? Anyone think she is making sense here???

Thirdly, the flats have improved in design and size since they were first built. If the flats are not 'at market price' and therefore unattractive, why are some Singaporeans using the names of their siblings, aunts and uncles who are still single to purchase these flats with the intention of selling them later?

I voted for a government which is trustworthy, honest and capable in every sense of the word and I have no cause to doubt the credibility of the HDB.

In fact, I appreciate what the Government has done to house poor Singaporeans like me in the 1960s when we were desperate for a roof over our heads during the Indonesian Confrontation.

Today, our housing system is a pride of the nation. It is unfair to throw brickbats of any kind at the HDB when it deserves bouquets.

Grace Cheah Gek Neo (Miss)

People like Grace Neo who is so trusting of everything, is like an ostrich with its head in the sand. I wonder is she just another elite who is out of touch with the real world? No one doubted Durai and his NKF, but look what was really going on? Grace Neo is what my friend Derek will call a 愚民 (stupid citizen), or a sillyzen. These people will be death of this country.

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