Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Another eat shit letter...

from the usual por lumpar sillyzen. Here is how the fuck face look like. Don't know why but all PAP types really cannot make it. Like my mum always say 全部贼头贼脑,祖宗背景不好 hahaha! Anyway the issue is about the lack of enforcement on smoking at coffeeshops brought up recently by the papers.

Consider suspending the licences of coffeeshops that let customers smoke
Letter from Ace Kindred Cheong

Two months ago, I was having supper at Henderson Coffeeshop and was disappointed to find many diners violating the smoking ban.

I was even more disappointed to see parents smoking while their children, some as young as six or seven, were seated and eating next to them.

I agree that there are not enough NEA officers to enforce the anti-smoking laws at every coffeeshop.

But to send a strong message to errant coffeeshops that conveniently turn a blind eye to violators, why not consider a suspension of their business licences if warnings and fines fail?

Doing so will shame and educate those who do not abide by the law.

Anyone who takes public transport will also know that smoking is banned at bus stops even before the ban at coffeeshops took place, but today we still see people puffing away without a care. Personally I think the law is a good thing except for the part on enforecement. If the gahment wants to come up with a new law it should also have the means to enforce it. Otherwise it is just all sound and fury,虎头蛇尾,a half fuck measure typical of the SAF. But the most ridiculous thing is they play tai-ji and pass the buck to the coffeeshop owners, saying it is the owners' responsibility to enforce on customers. And here our shit brain Ass Cheong chipped in as usual to agree. KNN if not enough NEA officers is it the fault of NEA or the fault of the coffeeshops? Why is the gahment passing the buck to others and expect others to do the job for them? Like that coffeeshop owners need to employ more staff, overhead goes up, then how? You going to pay for that Mr Ass Cheong? Don't make any fucking sense.

What about people smoking at bus stops? Why not talk about fining and shaming LTA since LTA as owners also do nothing and turn a blind eye to smokers? LTA didn't enforce leh, so how Mr Ass Cheong??


Ephraim Loy said...

This reminds me of something I wrote about the improper enforcing of the smoking ban.

Recruit Ong said...

hello airframe u bastard! you read this blog for fuck??! got see your fuck face in my earlier entries? HAHAHA! fuck off lah u dog, cross road better be careful hor wait car kn0ck you down. outside see u one time beat u up one time!