Saturday, April 12, 2008

LHL's lame attempt shot to pieces

The 148th carried this piece of news yesterday...

The recent protests against the Olympic torch relay and the display of contempt for China have angered the Chinese public and will have consequences well beyond the Olympics Games, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong warned on Friday.

He said the people of China, especially the young, are viewing the protests as an affront to their country during what should be 'China's coming-out party, to celebrate its progress' and opening up to the world.

The clown simply cannot shut his mouth for his own good. Quite obviously China's 'coming out and progress' is only in certain areas, and in other areas have not progressed. Clearly this is what the protests during the Olympic torch relay are about. Come to think of it SG is also similar to China.. we have made economic progress, but in some areas we have made no progress or even regressed! Maybe LHL is thinking ahead of the Youth Olympics. Bcos defending a dictatorial regime like China is not much different from defending his own govt hahaha!

Today the ST carried a response from a LSE don, Prof Conor Gearty, regarding LHL's comment.
(I am sure ST edited what the don said, but still what was printed make some solid rebuttal.)

Human rights is not the enemy in the face-off between pro-Tibet demonstrators and China's government but part of the solution.

The Rausing director for the LSE Centre for the Study of Human Rights gave a speech on how human rights - built on three core ideas of human dignity, equality and representative government - protect the public interest.

Near the end of the speech, Prof Gearty responded to PM Lee Hsien Loong's criticism of the protests that have disrupted the Beijing Olympics torch relay.

Declaring himself proud of the chaos, Prof Gearty said: "Protest is part of the guarantee of human rights... Protest is how we revive and re-imagine the idea of dignity and amnesty. Protest is a new way of revealing basic truths."

Prof Gearty also responded to the argument that China would never bow to public pressure on an issue like Tibet. "The implication is that if you leave China alone, they'll be fine," he said. But neither a situation where nothing happens and China does nothing, nor a situation where something happens and China still does nothing, is satisfactory, he said.

Instead he argued for a solution based on the language of human rights.

"Human rights has a language available to provide a solution, a language of minority rights, a language of national and cultural identity." he said.

"So human rights is not an enemy, but human rights, as often is the case, is part of the solution."

Prof Gearty goes right to the point and demolish LHL's attempt to beat around the bush and obscure the real issue about the protests.

He is also clever, bcos he may well be describing SG instead of China.

LHL uses China to hint and defend PAP's own "progress". Likewise Prof Gearty uses China to criticise and indirectly humtum LHL and the PAP hehehe ~



Anonymous said...

xianz la...

at first i thought ur blog will be more about army loh...

Recruit Ong said...

at first lah, but i ord liao..

still, fuck the saf! hahahaha

Anonymous said...

i ord some time ago also...

but then still haf reservists leh...
Sian la.

Tibet WAS, IS and ALWAYS WILL BE a part of China said...

sallah lah, LHL is not using China to hint or defend PAP. Nothing to do with PAP at all. He is trying to act as the thick face self-appointed middleman aka "advisor" between the west and China. It's the role that his father loves to play too. They think doing so will help add value to the existence of sg.

Anyway, human rights of tibetans is not the issue. The issue is that those westerners are using human rights as an EXCUSE to ultimately demand a free independent tibet. That's the ultimate agenda of these westerners, but on this issue of sovereignty over Tibet, China has justice on its side - the day, westerners leave North America, Australia, Northern Ireland etc, that's the day they can shout "free tibet". Till then, China is right to tell these westerns to F off! Watch this.