Monday, April 07, 2008

Kiasu and kiasi leaders

... complacent too!

April 7, 2008
May hearing on Feer libel suit

A TWO-DAY hearing will be held next month to decide if the defamation suits taken by the Prime Minister and Minister Mentor against the Far Eastern Economic Review (Feer) magazine will go to trial.

Lawyers for PM Lee Hsien Loong and MM Lee Kuan Yew had applied for a summary judgment last August, arguing for the High Court to rule on the case without it going to trial.

The court can do so if it is satisfied that the arguments presented by Feer are baseless.

But Feer's lawyers are opposing the move as they want a trial.

On Monday, at a closed-door High Court hearing, they sought more time to respond to the two leaders' applications.

Justice Woo Bih Li has given Feer until tomorrow to present their arguments.

Want to sue people yet don't dare to go trial and face people in court? Like this where got any credibility left? Talk big only but comes to action all hide hide behind the court like cowards hahahaha!


Aidil Omar said...

If they lose in court, it'd be so embarrassing. And then, get a load of this, it wouldn't be their fault too-


Anonymous said...

Do you think they will loose? That must be a joke!! Wahaha!!

Anonymous said...

Even if the Lees will to win based on "track records", at least the lawyers of FEER have a chance to "question" MM Lee and PM Lee.

We know that MM Lee will not talk cock in court, he can handle himself as he reads law.

It is his son that the old man is worried about. Based on PM Lee's choice of words in many occasions, I don't think that his father would allow his son to look like a clown in court.

Maybe, the son has a short fuse in real life and he may stand up and slap the FEER lawyers. Remember that he cannot manage more opposition MPs.

Also, the old man may afraid that the citizens will transfer their complacency to the judge(s) in an open court and the judge(s) subsequently make a lapse in judgment by letting FEER win their case for the first time in their libel lawsuits.

Like the first time that ever someone escaped from the Whitley Detention Centre.

Anonymous said...

We should only accept their request for summary judgement if the judge is Dr Chee. Nothing less than that.

Alan Wong said...

To begin with, the judicial system is already full of suspicion as to whether it can make the right decisions in cases involving the goverment, not politically correct ones.

Like they say, don't bite the hand that feeds you. What can one really expect ?

Really beats me if FEER can win the lawsuit. Think in the line of the Lingam case.

Recruit Ong said...

the lees is asking for summary judgement most probably bcos they are afraid of being cross-examined in court... hahaha! It also means bringing attention to the case, internationally. So of cos they prefer to just hush hush and bury this as quietly as possible. i suspect they will even use the gahmen, GIC, temasek etc to try to work things out with FEER's owners behind the scene.

this suit began in 2006 as a political move (posturing and fear tactic in election yr) but is turning into a drawn out and potentially embarrassing affair for them... orbee good man!

Anonymous said...

It may be an oversight or done on purpose. See the headline that ST used.

They use "Feer" and not FEER as most of us wrote it.

What a crap.